Review Policy

I am honored that you have considered me to review your novel, but before you contact me, I ask that you please read the requirements below, and check whether me and your book are a good match. Thank you!

Formats & Genres

(genres and formats I accept/favor)

  • Quartzfeather mainly focuses on YA, but I also review MG and Adult novels occasionally.
  • My favorite genres include: fantasy, retellings, historical fiction, and contemporary.
  • I read pretty much every genre under the fiction umbrella (excluding erotica).
  • I accept both finished copies and ARCs.
  • I prefer hardcopies, but I am also open to eBooks and audiobooks.
  • For eBooks, I prefer the mobi file format.

Other Info

(additional information you should know)

  • I do not always review every book I accept, as I may DNF one.
  • I try my best to sync my reviews with release dates, however if you have a specific date in mind, then I would suggest contacting me at least 4-5 months in advance. Make sure to include your wished date, to further insure that I will have the review done.
  • If you are interested in doing: a giveaway, Q&A, cover reveal, guest post, or excerpt post, on Quartzfeather, please contact me with further details.


(please have the following info in your email)

  • Book title (in the subject line)
  • Links to it's Goodreads/Amazon page
  • Available review copy formats
  • Cover image
  • Book synopsis and genres
  • Recommended age range
  • Release date and publisher (please mention if it's self-published, or an ARC)
  • Please do not attach the ebook file to your initial request.

Blog Stats

(social media followers, pageviews and etc.)

  • Quartzfeather was established on March 20th of 2015
  • Quartzfeather is currently over 2 years old
  • 847 pageviews monthly
  • 167 email/RSS followers
  • 229 Twitter followers
  • 102 Instagram followers

About My Reviews

(what do I discuss/include in my reviews)

All reviews contain: the synopsis, the publisher's name, the author's name, the publishing date, a starred rating, and the book's Amazon, Goodreads, and Book Depository links. In the review itself, I will discuss aspects of the book, my thoughts on the book overall, and whether or not I'd recommend it.

You can reach me through my email: or the contact form below. If I am interested you'll receive a reply with in a week.