About Kai

Hello there! I'm Kai (rhymes with tie), and I've currently been on this earth for fifteen years, I know #tinychild.

At the moment I'm working my way through high school, and I haven’t drowned yet, yay? (Though the next big looming thing, otherwise known as college, is already breathing down my neck.)

I’m a very awkward person, and this awkwardness is only heightened when I’m in a new environment.

New surroundings always make me nervous, and I instantly become the shyest person you’ll ever meet. As a result, the first impression I often make on people is quiet and introverted. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth, I always surprise everyone by transforming into the most talkative and extroverted person to ever walk the earth.

My words are typically of an extremely sarcastic and sometimes blunt nature, so basically #sasshole.

I'm never one to turn down the chance to participate in political discussion (as long as things remain civil). Seeking out the other side of the argument is always of the utmost importance to me, as my personal conviction is that you should challenge your beliefs and positions everyday. For some odd reason, I relish using obscure/long words and am currently keeping a notebook of all the fantastically whimsical words I come upon in my daily life.

I’ve loved books from the moment my second grade teacher cracked open The Little House on the Prairie.

She read it aloud to us over a span of a couple weeks, and ever since, it’s been nothing but wholehearted bookworminess for me. Starting Quartzfeather has helped me share and express my literary addiction, and I am forever grateful for the existence of the online bookish community.

Being a bookworm was pretty much my defining trait, until one summer day, I went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.

I walked out of that theater with a keen sense of obsession and a new found love for animation. I hadn’t grown up on the usual fare of Disney and Pixar, as my childhood was ruled by books, so discovering animation was a pretty new and wondrous experience. And now, I am currently dreaming of a job in the animation field.

Running Quartzfeather has also yielded a somewhat unexpected result, that is, me developing an interest in web design.

This mostly came about because of my constant tinkering with Quartzfeather’s design. As I strived to make my blog just right, I began to pick up some HTML and CSS here and there. I’ve already garnered a pretty solid knowledge of basic HTML and CSS, however, Javascript and jQuery are giving me a bit more trouble.

While I truly enjoy web design, those pesky coding issues, which generally turn out to have mind-numbingly simple solutions, never fail to annoy me.

Well to wrap up my little introduction, I’m gonna spout some random facts about your’s truly #lightninground.

My Greek Zodiac is Aquarius (well actually, based on some of NASA’s sciency stuff, I’ve discovered I’m actually a Capricorn. However, I’m being a rebel and sticking with Aquarius, cause: a. why not and b. astrology is already pretty unsciency anyways). My Chinese Zodiac is a horse (rest of the family’s all monkeys though). I’m a loud and proud Ravenclaw, Pottermore certified. My Ilvermorny house is Thunderbird, and finally, my Patronus is a pheasant (why yes, my Patronus is indeed medieval dinner).

I hope you were entertained (or at least somewhat amused) by my little introduction. I’d love for you to stick around and join the #sasshole tribe.

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5 stars Oh. My. God. This is pure beauty, and has my complete and utter affection.
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2 stars It was ok, had some redeemable qualities.
1 stars Just, no.


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