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Thursday, December 28, 2017
Quartz Gazette November & December 2017

I promise I love writing these recaps* but ughhhh I keep forgetting to and plus noooo timmeee *sighs harriedly*. I've honestly only found time to breath and type this out because I'm finally on Winter break and it's such an unbelievable relief, but of course, there is still plenty to worry about as per usual.

*So uh, this isn't like the Gazette recaps I usually do, but I'm just trying this new style out, please tell me if you like it or hate it.

Sooo a lot has happened since I last wrote one these thingies....

In the June & July Edition I was still worrying about starting sophomore year, and here I am, half way through my tenth year, it's so weird....

Tenth grade has definitely been a lot more intensive than freshman year, and as expected, the worst offenders are Chemistry and World History AP.

Chemistry is just plain perplexing (and my teacher doesn't exactly help that fact) and World History has a sh*t load of homework (one week we had to read and take notes on 35 pages of our textbook, and I did it all in one day cause procrastination *cries*). But aside from that, it hasn't been as bad as I thought.... I mean, I actually kinda enjoy math this year (or at least I don't dread it with the fire of a thousand burning suns anymore) and that's mostly cause my teacher is freaking amazing!

In other news, I have a new crush....

I'm not sure if I ever talked about my first one here, but yep, this one's only my second.... Lol, I still don't understand how my brain works on such matters, though, I guess no one really does.... As usual, I stand next to no chance with the subject of my hormonal desires and I'll just have to settle with languishing in my heart's unfortunate lack of common sense. I honestly thought I could escape high school without going through another train-wreck of a crush because I'd managed to get away crush-less last year, but alas, it appears my hopes were in vain....

P.S. This post was embarrassingly short, but I have a year recap coming out soonish so look out for that!

Got any past crush stories? Or maybe you're in the same hairy place as me... Either way I'd love to rant about crushes together.

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