Surfing into the Future - That Crazy Perfect Someday by Michael Mazza Review

Friday, June 23, 2017
That Crazy Perfect Someday by Michael Mazza Review

That Crazy Perfect Someday (I keep thinking that the book title needs a comma in it, but it really doesn't, and that's bugging the hell out of me for some reason.) takes place in 2024, far enough in the future to give the world a novel aura, but close enough to 2017 to simultaneously feel familiar and slightly homey. This book envision a future where climate change has affected the world's wave patterns, creating these previously unseen waves of monstrous proportions, and now, as a result, surfing is both a wildly popular pastime and sport.

Synopsis & Details:

The year is 2024. Climate change has altered the world's wave patterns. Drones crisscross the sky, cars drive themselves, and surfing is a new Olympic sport. Mafuri Long, UCSD marine biology grad, champion surfer, and only female to dominate a record eighty-foot wave, still has read more... something to prove. Having achieved Internet fame, along with sponsorship from Google and Nike, she's intent on winning Olympic gold. But when her father, a clinically depressed former Navy captain and widower, learns that his beloved supercarrier, the USS Hillary Rodham Clinton, is to be sunk, he draws Mafuri into a powerful undertow.

Conflicts compound as Mafuri's personal life comes undone via social media, and a vicious Aussie competitor levels bogus doping charges against her. Mafuri forms an unlikely friendship with an awkward teen, a Ferrari-driving professional gamer who will prove to be her support and ballast.

Authentic, brutal, and at times funny, Mafuri lays it all out in a sprightly, hot-wired voice. From San Diego to Sydney, Key West, and Manila, That Crazy Perfect Someday goes beyond the sports/surf cliché to explore the depths of sorrow and hope, yearning and family bonds, and the bootstrap power of a bold young woman climbing back into the light.

Title: That Crazy Perfect Someday
Series: N/A
Author: Michael Mazza
Publication Date: June 13th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Sci-Fi
Source: I received an arc from the publisher for review consideration (thanks Turtle Point Press and Irish Banana Tours!) this in no way affected my review, cross my heart.

While I can't vouch for the accuracy of Mazza's surfing descriptions, having never surfed myself, I can say they've made me incredibly wistful for the ocean.

You see, I was born in a coastal town, my mom passed the beach and it's endless waves everyday on her way to work, and after we moved, I made the majority of my childhood memories in that humid, ocean-surrounded peninsula named Florida. To say I miss the ocean is an understatement, being stuck in a Midwestern desert, as I currently am, isn't exactly my dream scenario, and so, this book, with it's descriptions of rolling waves and salty air had me pining like crazy.

The author took full advantage of the futuristic setting by taking the chance to include intriguing, new technology, such as bio-bands and self-driving cars. I loved these little additions because they got me thinking about what our world might be like in seven to eight years.

Climate change actually doesn't play a very large role in the story, though for me, the summary suggested otherwise.

Of course it's alway in the background with the giant waves and all, but it's only outright mentioned a couple of times.

There were a couple sentences here and there that threw me for a bit of a loop.

I reread them a couple times, trying to decipher their intent, but I'm still not entirely sure on their meanings. If they meant what I thought they did, I'd have more than a couple bones to pick with this book, but I'm just not sure. Haha, sorry for being so cryptic, I just don't want to pick a fight over a possibly non-existent problem.

Mafuri is a strong and compelling character.

Though the inconsistently paced plot, exhilarating one moment and slowing to a crawl the next, lost my interest more than a couple times, her spunky and determined attitude kept me reading.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Are you an ocean child like me? If so, which ocean(s) did you grow up by and/or love in your childhood? (Most of my fond memories of the ocean can be traced back to the Gulf of Mexico.)
About Michael Mazza
Photo of Michael Mazza Michael Mazza is a San Francisco Bay Area fiction writer whose stories have appeared in Other Voices, WORDS, Blue Mesa Review, TINGE, and ZYZZYVA. He is also an internationally acclaimed art and creative director working in the advertising industry. That Crazy Perfect Someday is his first novel.