Future Love Triangles, Start Taking Notes - The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich Review

Monday, May 15, 2017
The Love Interest Review

It's been a good while since I whipped through an eBook that fast. Although The Love Interest has technically been on my currently reading shelf since February 17th, I didn't start reading it in earnest till March 11th, when I picked it up on a long car drive back home. I ended up finishing it exactly a week later on the 18th (I know, I know, a week isn't that fast, but considering how sluggishly I've been reading lately, it's not half-bad).

Synopsis & Details:

There is a secret organization that cultivates teenage spies. The agents are called Love Interests because getting close to people destined for great power means getting valuable secrets. Caden is a Nice: The boy next door, sculpted to physical perfection. Dylan is a Bad: The brooding, read more... dark-souled guy, and dangerously handsome. The girl they are competing for is important to the organization, and each boy will pursue her. Will she choose a Nice or the Bad?

Both Caden and Dylan are living in the outside world for the first time. They are well-trained and at the top of their games. They have to be – whoever the girl doesn’t choose will die.

What the boys don’t expect are feelings that are outside of their training. Feelings that could kill them both.

Title: The Love Interest
Series: N/A
Author: Cale Dietrich
Publication Date: May 16th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance
Source: I received an arc from the publisher for review consideration (thanks Feiwel & Friends!) this in no way affected my review, cross my heart.

The second I read the synopsis for this book, I knew it was going on my TBR...

and getting relentlessly stalked until it came out. I mean, a love triangle where the two boys end up falling in love instead?

Starting off, The Love Interest kinda disappointed me.

I just wasn't a huge fan of the way the world and characters were introduced. However, once we got out of the Love Interest Compound (LIC), things really started picking up.

I was expecting a dual POV for some reason, but the story ended up being narrated by one character. Honestly, I would've loved the chance to see into Dylan's head, but Caden was the perfect guy for the job. His narration allowed us to understand his internal struggles, and while snark isn't exactly a Nice trait, his snarkiness sure made the story much more entertaining.

The Love Interest has all the drama and intrigue of a love triangle,

but none of the annoying and aggravating picky, chosey stuff (brain couldn't come up with a better term). So basically, all the nice things about a love triangle, minus all the bad crap. Though, I will admit, the romance did have me banging my head on the wall a bit there, but that's like 100% normal for me. Haven't met a romantic plot line that hasn't annoy me at least a bit (yes, even you Snowbaz).

Speaking of romance, Caden and Dylan are completely Shippable (why yes, I do meme).

I shipped the two from the very beginning and fell in love with Dylan right along side Caden. (view spoiler)[When Dylan pulled the "I'm actually not gay" crap, my heart almost died from sadness, I'd thought my ship was a lie. Luckily, it turns out Dyl was just being a reprehensible ass (to be fair, he had his reasons, but still...).] It's been a while since I shipped a literary ship so hard.

All my gripes pretty much belong to the last 20% of the book.

The story hits its peak somewhere around the 75% mark (view spoiler)[when Juliet makes her decision], and it never really gets back up there. Also, the ending felt a bit rushed, almost as if everything was resolved too quickly and too easily.

For something that plays such a large role in the book, the LIC isn't very well developed.

We're just told that it's existed for like a millennia, and we never learn how it came about, who founded it, why it hasn't been discovered, and etc. If the LIC had been given a little more background, it would've made the whole thing a little more believable.

Some Cover Thoughts:

So, this cover.... Honestly, I'm not to sure how I feel about it, in fact, I even considered omitting this little section altogether just so I wouldn't have to deal with my all-over-the-place thoughts. On one hand, I really like the design, it quickly and beautifully informs the reader about the book's content and topic. On the other hand, there's something about it that I don't quite love.

It's probably the font, yeah, I think it's the title typography (yeesh, it's always the title design with me for some reason). The thing is, I can't decide what I would change given the chance. I'm not a huge fan of the two-toned title, but it's impossible to make the title one color. Well, not impossible, but it can't be black, white, or red for visibly purposes, and that basically knocks out all the good choices.... *Sigh* this was exactly what I was afraid of, anyways, just ignore my weird ramblings.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

What's your favorite love triangle? Did your side get the guy/girl in the end?