Answer My Burning Questions in the First Ever Quartzfeather Survey + I Explain My Impending Absence

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Answer My Burning Questions

I've been a bit absent from the bookish community lately.

I'm super behind on writing reviews *sobs*, and I'm even farther behind on comments, all because of one terrible, horrendously terrifying thing, my upcoming AP test. My first ever college level exam is in less than two weeks... *shivers at the thought*. I promise I'm not ignoring y'all, I'm just seriously regretting the fact that I didn't start studying earlier. On top of my usual test anxiety, there's also my irrational fear of being timed, and of course, my brilliant idea to fracture my dominant wrist right before finals.

I am really, really mad at myself for being such a lazy butt and not studying more at the moment, and if I don't do well on this test... *feelings of inadequacy*. Basically, I'm in complete freak-out mode and will probably be relatively non-existent in blogosphere till at least May 12th. If you need me, email or Twitter (cause procrastination) is the way to go. Anyways, onto the survey....

I've always wondered how you lovely beings found your way to my blog, after all, Quartzfeather's quite literally a tiny fish in a humongous, practically endless sea.

I'd also like to know what types of posts you like best, and whether you guys enjoy my animation content, etc. I've been thinking about creating a survey for a while, and well, since I don't have anything else to post right now thanks to crunch time, voila...

Feel free to leave any questions you don't feel like answering blank, none of them are required. I'm thinking about writing up a post about the results, we'll see, it depends on how many responses I get.

Also, if the embedded form is acting weird, especially for you mobile people, here's a direct link to the survey.

Any of you have huge tests coming up? Did you guys like the survey? Should I do more in the future?