Blogiversary Numéro Deux - All the Promised Sappy and Reminiscent Stuff

Monday, March 20, 2017
Quartzfeather is Two!!! and All the Sappy and Reminiscent Stuff

Quartzfeather is two, can you believe it? I can't. I don't even know where to begin... I've been blogging for two years, Quartzfeather has been a part of this world for two years. I can't imagine a life without Quartzfeather anymore, can't imagine a life without the online bookish community. So much has changed over the last two years, but at the same time, so much hasn't.

Quartzfeather has gone through many, many changes.

It's practically unrecognizable from the little blog that popped up two years ago on this day. It's had a name change, a url change, a blog topic change, multiple design changes (thank god... if you've been here from the beginning, you know how much of a pink monstrosity Quartzfeather used to be. To be honest, it still kinda is, but it's a less embarrassing pink monstrosity. Though, who knows, in two years I might be writing a blog post about how terrible my current design is. Haha, okay, this is getting too long so I'll cut it off here....), and countless other minuscule changes that I'm too lazy to mention.

I'm happy with where my blog is today, it's evolution, though not always beautiful, was a wonderful thing to experience.

(Yes, even it's awkward teenager phase, where it wasn't quite sure what it was.) Quartzfeather has become a huge part of my life and a huge part of me as a person, I have met so many amazing people, discovered so many awesome authors, and fangirled over so many phenomenal books because of it, because of you.

To the people who read my blog... thank you, thank you, thank you so very, very much.

I still can't believe that people read my posts, that people take the time out of their day to leave a comment. Comments, oh comments, those lovely things. Every single time I open my inbox and see a little comment notification sitting there, my heart fills with so much joy, and my face splits into such a broad smile.

To everyone who reads my blog, to Molly, to Tasya, to Mahriya, to Jord, to Lori, to Geraldine, and to anyone I had the ineptness to miss, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am so grateful for every single one of you, and I hope to continue with you on this journey for many, many years to come.