A Heads up & Apology to All My RSS Feed Readers - You Should Consider Dropping Bloglovin' Pronto

Sunday, March 26, 2017
You Should Consider Dropping Bloglovin' Pronto

EDIT: Bloglovin' has fixed the canonical URL problem, and I have since then reverted my RSS feeds. They've claimed that this was a coding mistake, but whether that's true or not is up for debate. Either way, this debacle has brought to my attention just how dependent I am on Bloglovin', something I'd like to change, just in case something like this happens again, and unlike this time, is here to stay.

If you follow my blog through email, Bloglovin', or any other feed based service, then you have probably already noticed something different about this post. It's truncated. In light of recent events (Bloglovin' is apparently stealing blog posts and claiming them as their own, read Ashley's post to find out more),

I've decided I have to truncate my feed.

Because I'm on Blogger, I don't really have any other choice, it's either: let Bloglovin' steal my content and maybe even rank higher than Quartzfeather in search engines*, or shorten all my feeds, something I personally despise.

*Yes, this actually happens, see for yourself:

Bloglovin' Search Results

If it's possible, I'd urge you all to move to Feedly, email, feedburner, etc.

Even if the canonical URL/stealing posts thing is an accident, they're still doing some other things (i.e. adding a comment section), that can't possibly be mistakes, and point in a direction that isn't beneficial for bloggers.

The pesky thing about Bloglovin' is that you can't remove your blog.

Anyone can add it, and once it's added, it's added for good. There has been some speculation about whether you could sue them for copyright infringement, but there's no concrete answer.

Either way, I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this decision,

but unless Bloglovin' changes something, or the bulk of my following moves elsewhere, there's really no much else I can do. Thank you for your understanding.

What do you guys think of Bloglovin'? Know any good alternatives?