Quartz Gazette July 2016 - The Month of Rabid Re-Designing

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Quartz Gazette July 2016

I'm linking up with Caffeinated Book Reviewer's Sunday Post and Tynga's Reviews' Stacking the Shelves

My publishing of posts has been a bit spotty and erratic of late, but I'm straightening it all out. Also I wasn't feeling satisfied with the way my blog looked, and so I ended up making some changes. The biggest change is I opted to go sidebarless, all in all it wasn't a hard redesign, but the footer did end up providing quite the headache. While I was at it I also redid my email newsletter and my Tumblr design.

I've started working on my first premade blog design If you wouldn't mind taking a look, I'd love some feedback. Also much thanks to Molly @ Molly's Book Nook, Rachel @ Quite the Novel Idea, and Geraldine @ Corralling Books for finally convincing me to take a swing at setting up a web design biz. I'm nervous (of course, as I'm the overthinking type) but I'm also super excited!

Posted in July

  • Animated Trailer Reaction I indulge my animated obsession and share some thoughts on some newish trailers.
  • Finding Dory Review Yep I know, two animated related posts in a row. But I felt like sharing some thought's on Pixar's latest addition.
  • Ten facts about moi It was about time that I did another top ten tuesday post, and so I jumped in on this one. Also new numbered list format!
  • Some thoughts on Ilvermorny and the American Wizarding World Honestly with all this sudden new wizarding stuff, and just becoming a huge potterhead, my heads spinning a bit. I've been dying to let all my thoughts out, so when I discovered Aentee's Potterhead July Fest I practically jumped it.
  • P.S. I Like You by Kasie West Review I've been a huge Kasie West fan ever since reading On the Fence, so I was beyond excited to have a chance to review P.S. I Like You! In true Kasie West fashion her latest novel was absolutely adorable. Also if you guys feel like you've already seen that review, it's cause I accidentally published it too early a couple weeks ago.

Watched & Read & Received

  • The Siren // After the disappointment of The Crown I was a bit worried about starting this book, however The Siren was a nice surprise. I actually found myself liking this one a lot more than The Selection. I think the world building was a lot better, and I really liked the ocean aspect.
  • The Rose & the Dagger // This book is a masterpiece, there's no arguement. I really love Renee Ahdieh's writing style, it's really pretty and almost poetic. I really can't wait to see what she cooks up in the future.
  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between // This was a pretty enjoyable read for me, the relationship between Clare and Aidian was really sweet. Also Hello Goodbye is really real, like it's actually plausible for the plot to play out IRL. That was probably my favorite thing about the book.
  • The Star-Touched Queen // I binge read Star-Touched Queen in one night, it was just so impossible to put down. I really adored the characters, they were so well developed, also the romance is super swoony.
  • Walk on Earth a Stranger // While reading Walk on Earth I was reminded about how much I love historical fiction. I grew up reading it but lately I've been a bit busy with fantasy and contemporary, so I sorta forgot about historical, but this book made me want to suddenly devour a lot of it.
  • Grave Mercy // I checked this book out a couple times before actutally hunkering down and reading it, and boy am I glad I did. The mythology and lore was pretty awesome, but the romance was by far my favorite.
  • Finding Dory // So I finally went out to see this one, and I have to say it was enjoyable, but unlike Zootopia and How To Train Your Dragon it didn't really make an impression on me. It's a great sequel to Finding Nemo though.
  • Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet // I loved the story concept, but the way it was pulled off didn't really work for me. It's one of those types where you really have no clue what's going on till the big reveal at the end, then stuff makes sense. Personally I despise this style, but maybe you'll like it? The baking parts were mouthwatering though.
  • The Neverland Wars // This book wasn't really for me. Basically the mc explains hormones to her lil' sister in a really odd way (she refers to them as tiny bugs that invade you?). And after that I read a couple reviews and decided I didn't really want to read on.
  • Everything Leads to You // "It is morning. Juniper stands before a wall full of approximately sixteen Jesuses in various sizes and styles." I'm sorry but this quote gets me every time... I really enjoyed the parts in this book about set designing, I loved reading those parts. The only reason Everything Leads to You didn't get five stars is cause I felt like it was missing a bit of something.
  • Dark Triumph // I still like Grave Mercy more, but Dark Triumph was fabulous. I grew to really love Sybella, and the romance was just too good. Though I was so wishing to see more DuvalxIsmae... *sigh*
  • Throne of Glass // I've heard about this book absolutely everywhere, and I finally got around to reading it! Throne of Glass was quite good, I'm planning on starting the second book soon. Dorian and Chaol (when listening to the audiobook I thought his name was spelled Kale, oops.) are both super dreamy, and I have yet to join a shipping team, but I'm leaning toward Dorian.
  • Serpentine/Sacrifice // received I've been meaning to read this series for a while now so I'm super excited to get the chance to review the second book, Sacrifice. Now to catch up on Serpentine. (also another book set in Asia YAY!) Thank you Month9Books!
  • The Reader // received I've read the first few pages of this book, and <squeals>effing book magic.</squeals> Thank you Putnam!
  • Been Here All Along // Okay, so this book was complete greatness. Maybe I was just really in the cutesy, boy + boy romance mode, but Been Here All Along hit the spot right on. I recommend this book to all humans and martians.
  • Voltron Legendary Defender // currently watching This show is practically holding my tumblr dash hostage. Basically the only thing on tumblr these days is Voltron, Voltron, and more Voltron, so I finally gave in and watched it. I've seen the first two episodes, and I've deduced that I'm mainly watching the show for the characters. Cause the giant, five cats, robot, superhero isn't really my thing? (I may or may not be a tiny bit in love with Keith, also this girl's a huge KLance shipper *crosses fingers* please let it be canon.)
  • Mortal Heart // Out of all the books in the His Fair Assassin Trilogy, this one is my least favorite. I'm not quite sure why but I never got as invested as I did with the other two books. I think it might be because the romance wasn't as all consuming as the others? Mortal Heart is still a really good novel, but it just fell a tad short.
  • The 7D // currently watching This is my new go to show when I need something light and laughfy. It's also a retelling of Snow White, even though she's really not it, 7D is all about the seven dwarves.
  • When the Sea Turned to Silver // received Growing up as a an Asian-American, finding books with characters that shared my ethnicity was always something rare, so Grace Lin's Year of the Dog has a special place in my heart. I've been wanting to read more books influenced by Chinese lore, and When the Sea Turned to Silver is full of it! Thank you Little Brown Books!
  • Paper and Fire // currently reading The first book, Ink and Bone had a little trouble capturing my attention, so it got 3 stars. However this second book is doing a much better job, and I'm already engrossed. I just love the concept so very much, world controlling, demonic, library? Definitely my cup of tea.
  • Wolf by Wolf // currently reading Oh this book is just too good, I've developed quite a fondness for scenario switching historicals. So far I've thoroughly enjoyed everything about Wolf by Wolf.
  • Dear Pakistan // received I requested this one on Netgalley cause I haven't heard anything like it before. Dear Pakistan is about a girl who mostly grew up in Pakistan, when she returns to Australia she must figure out how to navigate a new culture. Thank you Rhiza Press!


Some Quote Love

  • Finding Dory Marlin: "Let us live and we'll worship you"
  • Been Here All Along Gideon: "I have become a teen rom-com cliché. There is no hope for me."
  • Voltron Legendary Defender Keith: "I punched Sendak!" Lance: "Yeah, apparently after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off." Keith: "We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!" Lance: "Nope. Don't remember, didn't happen."

Far Far Away in the Blookosphere
  • Parajunkee If your a naive chipmunk like me and you still have no clue what happened with the ragey, taking too many arc, mess awhile back then here's your chance to catch up. Seriously you're gonna want too.

Things Which Don't Concern Books
  • Picmonkey Mobile App Finally the long awaited (at least for me) mobile app is here. It's pretty basic, but the app is easy to use and might be a good addition to your photo editing arsenal.
  • For Fellow Voltron Fans If you love Voltron and are a huge KLance shipper you might wanna watch this AMV.

Do you like the new design or prefer the old? Any new obsessions this month? (*hint* Voltron? *hint*)
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A Bit Cliche But Inexplicably Fantastically Adorable - P.S. I Like You by Kasie West ARC Review

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
P.S. I Like You by Kasie West Review

So I requested an ARC awhile back and never received a reply, I wasn't expecting to get a copy cause I'm still a rather small blogger, however just last week on Friday (at the time of writing this post it was last week, now it's more over a month or two ago) it turned up on my doorstep. You would not believe how excited I was.

Synopsis & Details:

What if the person you were falling for was a total mystery? While Lily is spacing out in Chemistry one day, she picks up her pencil and scribbles a line from one of her favorite songs on the desk. The next day, someone else has written back to her on the desk! Soon enough Lily and the mystery read more... student are exchanging notes, and lyrics, and even sharing secrets. When Lily finds out that her anonymous pen pal is a guy, she's flustered -- and kind of feels like she's falling for him. She and her best friend set out to unravel the identity of the letter writer -- but when the truth is revealed, the guy is the LAST person Lily could have ever imagined it to be. Now that Lily knows the truth, can she untangle her feelings and gather the courage to listen to her heart?

From beloved author Kasie West (The Distance Between Us) comes an utterly charming story about mixed messages, missed connections, and the magic of good old-fashioned secret admirer notes.

Title: P.S. I Like You
Author: Kasie West
Series: N/A
Genres: Romance, Contempory, YA
Source: I received an arc from the publisher for review consideration (thanks Point!) this in no way affected my review, cross my heart.

This book had me fangirling like a tiny tot again. It's so inexplicably fantastic. 

Like I mean it's a Kasie West romance! (Like that's the only reason you should need to read this book, her romances are fantabulous)

I've read every single Kasie West romance book, and loved every single one, so I had extremely high expectations. P.S. I Like You did not disappoint, it met every single expectation plus extra bonus awesomeness.

Her romances are so perfect, and the characters so well developed. 

I guessed who the mysterious desk writer was pretty early on, like 10 or so pages. (I guess you could say I'm a genius) It does get a bit obvious in the second half of the book (at least in my opinion) however it didn't ruin the book or anything.

P.S. I Like You also brought to mind that the way you perceive people isn't always a hundred percent correct.

While falling in love with someone through desk notes is a tad cliche, I'm completely in love with this romance (her books always remind me how eternally single I am unfortunately). I had a few issues with this book such as clicheness and it was a bit predictable at points, however P.S I Like You was just so enjoyable it still gets 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Have you read a Kasie West? Do you like cliche, think it's okay, or vehemently hate it? (this might be a topic for a future discussion post)
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How this Ecstatic Potterhead Feels About Ilvermorny & the American Wizarding World

Thursday, July 14, 2016
Let's Talk About Ilvermorny

So the official Ilvermorny origin story dropped a while back, along with a sorting quiz for it's houses. If you don't know what this Ilvermorny is, it's the pretty much the 'Merican equivalent of Hogwarts. I it believe was announced along with a couple other new wizarding schools, but we haven't got as much info on them yet.

It's really exciting to see the wizarding world being extended to America,

and most of my fellow American potterheads are ecstatic. However it hasn't been all smooth roads, first there was a bit of a scuffle over whether J.K. Rowling was appropriating Native American culture, and after the Ilvermorny backstory was released, I've seen some people complaining about it on social media, specifically Tumblr.

Of course not everyone is completely happy, that is to expected, but I'd like to take a fangirly moment to share some of my thoughts, and hear some of yours. If you'd like to read this backstory I keep bringing up, then you can find it on Pottermore.

There are four houses like Hogwarts,

however instead of being named after the founders, they were named after the founders' favorite animals. The houses are, Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, and Pukwudgie (how do yoou pronounce that?).

According to J.K. Rowling, Horned Serpent represents the mind and favors scholars, Wampus represents the body and favors warriors, Pukwudgie represents the heart and favors healers, and Thunderbird represents the soul and favors adventurers.

Since I'm a Ravenclaw I sorta was expecting Horned Serpent cause you know mind and scholars, but to my surprise I got Thunderbird! So I'm wondering which Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses are you in? Any Surprises?

Another amazing part of Ilvermorny I wanna talk about is it's sorting method.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the sorting method is actually one of the scrapped ideas that J.K. originally had for Hogwarts.

Basically instead of an old hat singing a song and murmuring in your ear (can hat's have bad breath?) you get four giantess wooden carvings that decide whether they wish to have you in their house.

Every house carving has a different motion/signal to show that it wants you. If more than one house wants you then you can choose between them! Also one of the founders is a muggle no-maj. Yersh that's right, a non-magic casting being helped create a very magical school! How freaking cool is that!

Which Ilvermorny houses would Harry Potter and Co. be in?

I think Hermione would be in Horned Serpent because she's such a scholar and really appreciates the mind. Harry Potter would probably be in Wampus or Thunderbird, I really can't decide. I'm a leaning a bit toward Wampus, what do you think? For some reason I really want to stick Ron in Pukwudgie, I can't explain the odd urge, or perhaps he should go in Wampus or Thunderbird. (There's a reason I wasn't picked to intern for the sorting hat)

All the details J.K. has released about the American Wizarding World are so exciting. I can't wait to see how the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) runs. Also No-Maj is such a fun world. The fantastical beast movies are looking to be quite pretty, I'm especially enjoying the clothing of the era it's set in, those flappers be slaying. (Also admit it, Newt is totally cute)

I know a lot of people aren't really excited for/worried about the expansion of the Harry Potter universe (especially in that, that concerns Cursed Child) but I'm excited for a couple reasons.

First off my favorite thing about Harry Potter is it's massive and intriguing world. I really love good world building, and Harry Potter has some of the best. I can't wait to see all the ideas Rowling has for the American Wizarding World. And you know what they say, the more the merrier.

Number Two, I wasn't around when the initial phase of Harry Potter mania came rolling in.

Like I'd read the books, but I just didn't really enjoy them, mostly cause they were a bit long and descriptive for me at the time. However recently when I reread them I became a full on potterhead, you know only 5 or so years late. So I the newly born Harry Potter fangirl, am really excited to see some new stuff.

Sorry 'bout the fact that this post is basically just glorified, nonsensical ramblings about The American Wizarding World, but I'm really excited for the Fantastical Beast movies, and couldn't help myself.

How do you feel about the new additions to the Harry Potter Universe? Also what's your Hogwarts & Ilvermorny houses?
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Ten Facts About the Mysterious Being Behind this Blog - Top 10 Tuesday

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Ten Facts About Me: Top Ten Tuesday

It's been more than a while since I've done a weekly meme on this blog. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm a forgetful person. Also random note I'm currently listening to the Rise of the Guardians soundtrack, and it is brilliant!

Top 10 Tuesday is a link-up run by the lovely gals over at The Broke and the Bookish. Go check them out for more info, and to find out how to participate.


I'm a huge history nerd

This isn't as prominent on Quartzfeather but I love history. It makes sense as the first thing I can remember adoring with a fangirlish glee was The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Since then Historical Fiction has always been one of my favorite genres, however I haven't been reading as much of it lately. Also I think my love for the historical also explains my interest in politics.


I'm a animation fanatic

Most of you probably have already noticed this about me, but I wouldn't be me if I missed a chance to talk about animation. Unlike my other hobbies I can perfectly pinpoint the moment I got myself tangled in the world of animation. Before I read books all day long, watched a movie like once a year, and audiobooks were my music. Then How To Train Your Dragon 2 came along, and I'm not sure why this particular movie, but as I a walked out of the theatre that day I knew I had an obsession on my hands. Oddly enough the feeling was fairly reminiscent of discovering you had a massive crush on someone. And of course the How To Train Your Dragon franchise has a special place in my heart.


I actually don't own that many books

Yes I've been a huge booknerd for pretty much my entire life, and yeah I do run a blog that's almost completely about books. (Also yep I am completely jealous of all those gorgeous shelfies on Instagram.) As a child I tended to rely on libraries to feed my thirst for books, and it didn't hurt that I happened to live close to a rather large one. However I'm working diligently on my book collection, and one day I will purchase a bookshelf. This not having a ton of books thing isn't really that annoying till I'm trying to take bookstagram photos, cause those library books be glinty.


My favorite color is pink

You guys are probably rolling your eyes and thinking: yeah cause that's not obvious at all. It's been my favorite color since before I remember. I don't like all pinks, it has to be a specific shade, none of those bright, flashy, hot pinks, I prefer more mellow and salmonly tones. Also for one year in the 3rd grade my favorite color switched to blue, but that didn't last very long.


I'm a Ravenclaw

Pottermore said so, and I couldn't help but agree. I do greatly prize knowledge, also in the 6th grade I read some of my text books for fun over winter break. Oops the nerdy child in me is coming out... The older quiz always put me in Slytherin, but when they updated the quiz I retook it and got Ravenclaw. And honestly I feel more like a Ravenclaw, but Slytherin would be my second choice.


I get excited over pretty sites

Ever since I've taken an interest in web design I always get really excited when I see a pretty website. Pretty things just really make me happy, it's not uncommon for me to go to a web designers portfolio just to gaze at and gush over their pretty work.


I write my posts in HTML

I started doing this in the last month or so cause I currently use a lot of css classes, and going back in to add them after I finished the post was too much of a pain in the butt. Also if you draft your posts in the compose tap, blogger murders the code with unnecessary divs everywhere. Plus it messes with your code sometimes, so yeah I just stay in the HTML tab now.


I've been to a grand total of one author signing

This is mostly cause not a lot of authors come around my rather remote Texan town. That one Marissa Meyer signing I've been to was during the one year I lived in a relatively large city. (Well I was born in a large city, however we moved when I was 6 so yeah didn't really get the chance to hit up the author signings in that area)


I'm a socially awkward human

I hate new environments with a vengeance. (and I just saved another misspelled word to my custom dictionary again *sigh*) I get really shy and nervous, but once I get comfortable I get really chatty and loud. Most of my friends say that when they first met me they thought I was shy, turns out that's a bit fat lie.


I'm writing a book!

This year I finally decided to scrap my first real developed and thought out story idea, and it was a huge deal to me cause I'd been working on it for so long. However I finally have a new idea, and I've discovered I enjoy writing the evilly point of view. *evil cackles*

Tell me something wondrous about you! Also would you be interested in seeing excerpts of my future book?
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I'm Thinking About Launching A Web Design Business... What Do You Think?

Monday, July 11, 2016
Should I Start a Business?

Since I've started blogging I've found that I have a love for design, in particular web design.

As of this moment I've created 2 blog designs, mine and A Thousand Words A Million Pages'. I've also just recently finished Kati's Bookaholic Ramblings Reviews' design, I just have yet to stick it in my portfolio.

I've honestly thought long and hard about this topic, and while I do really want to start said business, I'm also worried about a couple things. First off, I'm worried whether I'm a good enough coder... I'm in no way terrible, I understand most html and css (javascript is beyond me) but I'm nothing compared to the greats.

I've looked around the web for some pointers, but I haven't found much.

Either I'm looking in the wrong place, or it's just not there. Before I thought I'd need to learn responsive coding before I launched a business, but thanks to Stephanie @ These Paper Hearts I've figured it out, however without this goal in place I don't really know what to do now...

Another reason I'm hesitating is, I have a huge fear of messing up.

Like if my coding skills aren't good enough and I make a mess of something. Haha this post is really just me voicing my insecurities, sorry about that. So what do you think? Should I plunge in and start the business, or wait a bit. Would you be interested in having your site designed by me? Have any pointers?
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Finding Dory Review - A Nice Companion To Finding Nemo

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Finding Dory Review

Finding Dory is quite reminiscent of it's predecessor. The two movies have the same tone and feel, a lot of the the major plot points are also similar. As with the first movie, the overlying theme of Finding Dory is definitely family. This movie really brings Dory's short-term memory loss to light, we see her struggle with it, and eventually overcome it.

The visuals are stunning, as I watched the movie I particularly happened to notice the eyes of the fish.

I'm not sure why, but they really stood out to me, as they were quite beautiful (especially Nemo's). Speaking of characters, since Finding Dory takes place a year after Finding Nemo the characters we know and love return looking very much the same. We also get to meet a whole new cast of wonderful characters, some even from Dory's past. Dory's memories of her parents are the sweetest. And baby Dory is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Marlin had some of favorite lines.

Including: "Let us live and we'll worship you" and "That's a lot of eyeballs doing nothing." I also enjoyed the dialogue between Nemo and his father, especially when Dory was the topic of choice. I would elaborate but that would be dipping into the spoiler zone.

Finding Dory is the first of the Pixar sequels we can be expecting within the next few years,

and while I don't feel like this one particularly stood out, it makes a very nice companion to Finding Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres did a fabulous job, she really gave Dory so much energy and personality. This movie also has it's fair share of tearjerking moments, as to be expected from a Pixar film. Side note: The ending is a tad bit crazy.

Short film segment: Piper

Piper the short film that showed before Finding Dory, was beautifully animated. I'm especially impressed with the water, as it's not the easiest to animate. Though not a word is spoken, a lot is conveyed by action and the chirps of the birds. This short film also gave Dory a bit of a run for it's money, as some are saying Piper is even better than the movie it precedes.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Have you seen Finding Dory? Are you a huge Pixar fan?
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Trailer Reactions - An Animated Addiction

Monday, July 4, 2016
Animated Trailer Reactions

Beside books, I also have a great love for animated movies. While Quartzfeather is a book blog, I've also writen some posts on topics that don't include books, like coding and animation. I've already done a couple animated movie reviews, however I've never done trailer reactions before.

The bullet points beneath every video embed are the thoughts I have while watching the trailers, and the little paragraph(s) below is a recap on my overall thoughts. If you click the pink links (the numbers) that show at what time in the trailer the thought occured to me, then you will be brought to that exact moment in the video. (I hope all that made sense)

Moana Reaction
  • 0.02 Loving that version of the classic Disney castle logo
  • 0.05 Also the tattoo style animation is so beautiful
  • 0.18 Loving Dwayne "Rock" Johnson as Maui
  • 0.36 Great expressive facial features
  • 0.39 Aww that pig
  • 0.52 Is that Lin-Manuel Miranda singing in the background?
  • 0.56 Her hair is so pretty in this scene
  • 1.07 Dolphins!
  • 1.10 That Moana logo at the end there though

Overall this movie is looking to be quite beautiful, I have to say the scenery is gorgeous. From what I've seen of Maui, Dwayne Johnson is doing a wonderful job, and I can't wait to see him in Moana. I'm also excited to see that Lin-Manuel will be working on the music (Ham fan here). Though as a lot of people have already pointed out, Moana is decidedly absent from her own trailer, this however is most likely attributed to the fact that her voice actor is a newbie.

The Secret Life of Pets Reaction
  • 0.04 I really like the voice of the women who's saying goodbye to Gidget for some reason
  • 0.10 Cat food is pretty gross
  • 0.24 Haha Max...
  • 0.30 That leash gag is quite funny
  • 0.41 "That ball of fluff got a screw lose." Wise words, Wise words
  • 1.02 Welp Duke's already a jerk
  • 1.50 Carrot key!
  • 2.11 Pun intended
  • 2.27 I think they've included this scene in every single The Secret Life of Pets trailer there is. Honestly I'm getting a bit bored of it.

I was really enthusiastic about The Secret Life of Pets when the first teaser was released, however after seeing some of the more recent trailers I've become a less excited for some mysterious reason. I'll be interesting to see how Illumination pulls off this movie, and whether they can create more successful movies outside of the Despicable Me franchise. (no more minions please)

Storks Reaction
  • 0.11 I wonder where the wolves come into the story
  • 0.26 That baby is completely unfazed
  • 0.35 The bird-made Newton's Cradle seems a bit cruel
  • 0.49 "Our new phones" making fun of society are they?
  • 0.56 More tiny bird abuse
  • 1.28 Remembering Happy Feet now
  • 1.35 "Babbie Powder" just the way he says it...
  • 2.10 Let the quiet battle scene commence

After The Lego Movie I'm excited to see what Warner Bros can do with animation. The concept is pretty unique and I love the idea. Also the little boy who wants a lil' sibling reminds me a bit of Jamie from Dreamworks' Rise of The Guardians. The animation is pretty so so in my opinion, nothing in particular really stands out in that case.

Sing Reaction
  • 0.08 Who ever's singing for that gorilla has a wonderful voice
  • 0.14 Loving that tiny bunny mask
  • 0.47 Wondering if that mouse is gonna play dirty
  • 1.03 I quite like that snail's voice
  • 1.36 I wonder who's going to be the main character? Maybe there will be a couple of them?
  • 1.47 Pretty song

I'm a bit curious as to why Illumination decided to include an anthropomorphic cast of characters in this movie. To me this movie looks more interesting than The Secret Life of Pets, as it seems the plot is a bit more of a departure from Despicable Me (as The Secret Life of Pets seems to have a similar sense of humor, and the same basic character tropes).

Trolls Reaction
  • 0.22 The world has an interesting felted, and fluffy texture
  • 0.34 I'm amusing Branch is kind of a social outcast from the group
  • 0.51 "Solid burn"
  • 0.57 Is this going to be a musical?
  • 0.59 Hair weapons. Quite deadly.
  • 1.05 Willy wonka anyone?
  • 1.50 Agreed, Oh snap indeed

When I saw the first trailer for Trolls, I cringed a mile. But the second trailer is a lot better. However this movie is definitely more of a Shrek & Madagascar typem than a How To Train Your Dragon or Rise of the Guardians type of movie. I honestly prefer the latter, but I don't see many more of those types of movies coming from Dreamworks in the near future. I'm still not completely on the hype train for Trolls, we'll just have to see.

Sausage Party Reaction
  • 0.17 Looks like any average G rated animation. Don't be fooled.
  • 0.25 Haha potatoe eyes
  • 0.58 Here we go
  • 1.16 Oh the horror

Um wow... It's been a while since I've seen an animated movie like this (it's quite possible I never have) I really don't have any intention to see this movie because the humor just doesn't appeal to me. It's not that I don't particularly like that variety of humor, I do like a good Rick & Morty episode, but I suppose it's just the way it's presented. Also the cursing feels incredibly forced.

Seen any films of late? If not do you plan on watching any?
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Quartz Gazette June 2016 - Lots Of Five Starred Love + Fangirly Despair

Saturday, July 2, 2016
Quartz Gazette June 2016

I may or may not be guilty of neglecting my blog lately. (#guilty) First, I was engrossed in sewing up a dress for my school's dance. I'd never made a project of this scale before so it was equally nerve wracking and exciting. I finally finished it, and it was such a joy to wear, I'll be posting pictures once I get them. Then came a slew of finals, and all that end of the school year jazz. *brain pains*

I've also picked up a new obsession within the last few months... Heard of Hamilton? That musical blowing up on broadway? Yeah haha honestly it's no big surprise as I'm a huge history nerd. Also in 4th grade I did I project on Mr. 10 dollar bill so I have a weird school project related connection with him. (I'm probably the only one who remotely thinks like this)

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but I'm a HUGE fan of the How To Train Your Dragon (httyd) franchise. The third season of Race to the Edge (the Netflix httyd TV show) dropped this month. (Instead of releasing episodes periodically, like say every week, Race to the Edge releases 13 episodes at the same time, about every six months.) Of course like the crazed fangirl I am, the second I got my hands on the episodes I started watching them.

So I started the last episode and the title flashed across the screen, it was called: Defenders of the Wing PART 1. And I start panicking, cause this is the last episode in the season, and it's freaking part one!!!! So I get to the end and it leaves us with Race to the Edge spoiler [Mala (the queenie of the Defenders of the Wing people) threatening to freaking murder Hiccup. Of course I know he won't die cause this show takes place between httyd 1 and httyd 2 (and he is quite obviously alive in the second movie, well he could be a zombie but nah) but like god damn it show creators, thanks for the cliffie.] Also that toothless dragon is still cute as ever.

Sorry for the mini rant but this next update is a lot less angry fangirly. so I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE SITES RESPONSIVE!!! *squealllsss* I've actually been wanting learn since I first found out about responsive design. The only problemo was all the tutorials online that I could find stunk. However thanks to the geniusness and kindness of Stephanie @ These Paper Hearts I was able to learn how to. Many thanks to Stephanie!

Posted in June

  • One True Loves Review This was the first review I've posted with the new format. Also Kudo's to the author for creating a love triangle that didn't make me wanna tear my hair out.
  • The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Site This post is really really long, but I'm pretty proud of it. After all mobile optimization in this day and age is quite important.
  • Comment Challenge July I actually spelled challenge wrong on the blog graphic *sigh* but yep I decided to try out this challenge.
  • One Paris Summer This book was cute, and reminded me a bit of Anna & The French Kiss. Now I REALLY wanna go to Paris.

Watched & Read & Received

  • Boys Over Flowers 5/5 watched This was the second kdrama that I'd ever seen (first was goong) And as with the first one, I had a show hangover/mini breakdown after watching the last episode. I can definitely see why this one is a classic.
  • P.S. I Like You 5/5 arc This was the first physical arc I'd ever received, you would not believe how excited I was... Thank you so much Point!!!! So about the book, it was a little predictable and cliche, but I still loved it with my entire beating heart. Mainly cause the romance was beautyness.
  • One True Loves 5/5 arc This book was beautifully written!!! Plus it had a love triangle that didn't feel completely and utterly unnecessary.
  • Carry On 5/5 reread I was grinning like a creepy maniac the entire time I was reading this... It's even better than I remembered.
  • Ink & Bone 3/5 arc The world was spectacular, however this book took me like the entire Triassic period to finish, and it wasn't a very long book. So yeah the book was a bit draggy, however I will be reading the sequel,
  • Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 5/5 reread *sobs* ALL my favorite characters DIED. Deathly Hallows spoiler [My poor Tonks, and Lupin... Also my other favoritess was Sirius and he died before this bookkkkk *wails* also Fred...] This one my second time reading this book, but the first time I'd read it was like four years ago (and my memory is terrible, also random (rock) fact: did you know we now have a shorter attention then a goldfish. yep.) and so I didn't really remember alot of the book anymore, so though I know they died, I wasn't sure when, and yeah I was definitely crying a lot during this book.
  • The Royal We 5/5 I needed an audiobook to listen too while I worked on a blog design and this one came up at hit me upside the face. It fantablous, and I adored pretty much everything about it. (the exceptions were a couple plot points that annoyed the bloody hell out of me) Also I have an undying urge to journey to London now
  • Jeweled Fire  5/5 *sigh* This book was perfection. Corene really developed a lot in Jeweled Fire, and we also got to explore a brand new country! The major ship was also to die for (shhh no spoilers!)
  • The Trials of Apollo 4/5 Apollo can be a bit annoying in the beginning *cough* conceited *cough* but his character definitely develops very well, and even with his arrogance issues he's still a very likable character. I started this book cause I wanted more Percy and Annabeth, unfortunately only 5% of my wish came true. Trial of Apollo also includes Riordan's trademark humor and sarcasm. All in all not as good as the first two series, but definitely worth the read. (especially that ending *hint hint*)
  • The Candy Makers currently reading I loved Wendy Mass's Willow Falls series and I thought why not give Candymakers a go. So far the worlds been pretty cool, but the book has yet to hook me.
  • Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet currently reading The descriptions of magic, and the cake are just divine. However I'm already over 50% into the book, and I still have literally no clue what is going on. I intend to finish it, but the book is struggling a bit on holding on to my attention.
  • The Throne of Glass currently reading I have heard so many good things about this book and so far it's doing a pretty good job living up to the hype.
  • The Neverland Wars dnf? I think I'm gonna end up DNFing this one, however I might give it another try. But the second hormones were brought up as little bugs I started having a hard time taking the mc seriously.
  • A Curious Beginning recieved I requested this book because the gorgeous cover and the amazing description. I've read a book that's a bit similar to this novel, and loved it. So I knew I had to give this one a try. Thanks Berkley!
  • We Own the Night received I'm so excited to start this book, it's about a girl who's secretly a radio show host which is super cool! Thanks Bloomsbury!
  • Been Here All Along recieved Been craving some contemporary so I'm excited to start this one! I'm one to never turn down an adorable love story. Thanks Swoon Reads!
  • The Rose & the Dagger currently reading *swoons* The sequel is even better than the first book! I basically read 80% of The Rose & the Dagger in one night, and I can't wait to finish it.
  • Race to the Edge 5/5 watched see my little rant above. I had so much to say that if I tried to fit it all here it'd make this section even larger then it already is.
  • How To Train Your Dragon 5/5 watched Yep I rewatched this one. A local theater was showing it as one of their summer movie things, and well I really wanted to see this movie on the big screen again! It's as fabulous as I remembered. Also that soundtrack is goals.

Quote Love

  • Race to the Edge Dagur: "To be fair I have done some questionable things." Fishlegs: "Questionable? Trying to kill us is not questionable."
  • The Rose & the Dagger When Rahim swallowed, the heavy knot in his throat rose and fell. "May I kiss you?" "Why are you asking permission?" Irsa murmured. "Doesn't that—ruin the moment?" "No." He smiled, but its edges wavered with a deeper meaning. " Because it's not just a kiss." "Why is that?" "Because when I kiss you, I want yours to the first...and last lips I ever kiss."

Things Which Do Not Concern Books

  • Moana Trailer Thatttt hair!!! I'm not sure why but Moana's hair is like my favorite thing about that trailer. The animation is splendid, plus Phillpa Soo AND Lin-Manuel Miranda will be in this film. Soo, voice acting for a (I think) minor character and Miranda, working on the music. (I think I heard him singing in the background, but it could've been a trick of the ear)
  • The Evolution of the Book I found this video to be quite interesting, and perhaps you will too.
  • Ilvermorny News On Pottermore J.K. Rowling released the backstory of Ilvermorny the magic school of America, and it is awesome. Also you can now get sorted into the Ilvermorny (god that hard to spell) Houses. They are: Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Wampus, and Pukwudgie. I got Thunderbird! Also J.K. Rowling is in Thunderbird too according to her twitter!!! (click the uppercase pink link to get to the backstory and sorting quiz)
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