Who Am I Tag - How Well Do You Know Me? How Well Do I Know Myself???

Monday, November 14, 2016

I saw this tag on Amber's Blog and I decided I was tagging myself cause #rebel. I'm a quiz junkie so I'm super excited about this tag cause there's a ton of quizzes to do.


What is the meaning of your name?

I checked Urban Dictionary first, because their definitions are always amusing, especially when it comes to names. Here's my personal favorite:

A girl, whose parents were hippies and named her after a Grateful Dead song. But, it's okay her name is unusual, because she's the coolest person ever. (source)

And if you're wondering, no this is not true. My parents are the least-hippest people I know.

Also if you curious about the song the Urban Dictionary mentioned:

Other than this highly amusing definition, there was also a ton of entries about a hip-hop dude, who's stage name is Cassidy, and some from people who were either:
  • In love with a Cassidy, in ah... the most lusty way.
  • Apparently best friends with a Cassidy, who they think is awesome.
  • All in all that was an amusing experience (10/10 would do again). Moving on, let's get to the actual definition. According to Baby Name Wizard, my name is derived from the Gaelic elements cas, which means: a twisted lock of hair; ingenious, clever, sly. And apparently Cassidy therefore means "clever one, one with the twisted locks." I've also seen it defined as curly and red headed, which is wrong on all counts, as my hair is terribly straight and definitely not red.


    What is your Myers Briggs personality type? (link to the quiz)

    I took the (really long) quiz, and I got the ENTP aka "The Debator" personality type. The site provided a really long explanation about ENTP traits, which took forever to read, so to save your eyes here's a short list of what I learned:

    • ENTPs are the ultimate devil's advocate, also we love shredding arguments and beliefs (so basically #ass).
    • According to the site, we like "questioning the prevailing mode of thought" which makes us good at "reworking existing systems or shaking things up and pushing them in clever new directions."
    • ENTPs make up 3% of the population.
    • We can step on toes a lot with our ability to debate, we are unyieldingly honest, and tend to care more about being truthful, then about being viewed as sensitive or compassionate.
    • Strengths: We're knowledgeable, original, charismatic, and energetic. We make excellent brainstormers and are quick thinkers.
    • Weaknesses: We're argumentative, insensitive, and intolerant. We dislike practical matters, and can have a hard time focusing.

    Some famous ENTPs include: Mark Twain, Tom Hanks, Thomas Edison, Cèline Dion, and Sarah Silverman. Some fictional ENTPs include: Captain Jack Sparrow, Tyrion Lannister, Dumbledore, and the Joker from Batman (yikes).

    Most of the stuff listed above fit me pretty well. I like debating and can have a sharp tongue, but some of it is up for contention.


    What is your zodiac sign?

    I've considered myself an Aquarius my entire life, and I thought I was, until I found out through Amber that due to some sciencey stuff NASA has discovered I'm actually a Capricorn. However since Astrology is already pretty fake, I'm just sticking with Aquarius (also this is definitely me being overly dramatic, but I'm currently feeling a faint sense of betrayal).


    What Hogwarts house would you be in? (link to the quiz)

    Pottermore says I'm a Ravenclaw and I agree whole heartly, however this quiz gave me Gryffindor. Which is actually quite weird, as I can't ever remember getting Gryffindor, despite the many times I've retaken the Pottermore test as a result of always forgetting my password, and having to create a new account. *shrugs*


    What are your learning styles? (link to the quiz)

    Took the quiz, and here are my results: Kinesthetic: 11, Visual: 8, Aural: 7, Read/Write: 4. The last one's kinda odd, a person who loves to read and write, but doesn't learn that well through reading and writing? Haha this quiz just confirmed my suspicions, I'm weird.


    Are you more of a left-brain or a right-brain person? (link to the quiz)

    So I got the exact same thing as Amber, creepy or what. Like her I got 44% left and 56% right, so I use my brain pretty evenly.


    What is your blood type?

    I really don't have any clue. I never had my blood drawn/tested as a child, and my major fear of needles and syringes is keeping me well away from finding out my blood type anytime soon (I don't mind needles or syringes on their own, but the second their within each other's vicinity, I start freaking out).


    What career are you meant to be in? (link to the quiz)

    So I got writer! Which made me pretty happy, because my two dream jobs at moment are: working on story/character development for animated films or writing YA novels (now if only I could actually finish a first draft).


    Which Divergent faction do you belong in? (link to the quiz)

    So I got Erudite, not sure if this is a good thing, cause all I can remember about the Erudites is one power hungry monstrosity of lady, and one stone cold brother. For some reason the quiz didn't give me a description of Erudite like it does for the other results *shrugs*. So I dug around a bit, and found this description on the wiki:

    Erudite values the virtue of intelligence and wisdom over any other. The members focus their lives on the pursuit of knowledge. Erudite are expected to delegate themselves in the library reading books, or, most commonly, reading something from the computer. They are also known to have memorized the city map. Members are also known to be particularly eloquent. (source)


    What does your birth order say about you? (link to the article)

    I'm the oldest child in my family, but only by two years (I have one younger brother). According the the article, I am therefore a natural leader, ambitious and, responsible. Honestly I'm not sure how well these fit me... Good leader? Well I know I can get bossy sometimes, oops. Ambitious? I do have a competitive streak, and I've been raised to always aim for the highest grades. As for responsible, ahahaha.... I always turn in my homework, but I might have stayed up till 2am doing it cause I love procrastinating.

    So who do I tag?

    What are your results? Take some of those quizzes and let me know.