Why I'm Thankful for the Bookish Community & How It's Helped My Book Nerdiness Flourish - The Thanks U Give

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Why I'm Thankful for the Bookish Community

This post is part of The Thanks U Give, a bookish community Thanksgiving celebration hosted by Hazel and Mishma. You can read the other posts in this blog hop here.

There are many countless reasons I'm thankful for the bookish community, countless ways it has improved my life. I can not imagine life if I had not discovered this wonderful bit of the internet.

Becoming a book blogger and joining the online bookish community has made me even more of a bookworm (if that's even possible).

If not for this community, I probably wouldn't have picked up many of the books I read this year (I'd wager at least 99%). My bookish horizons have widened, I've begun reading a larger and larger assortment of genres.

Another less expected side-effect of book blogging, has been me, gaining a love for web design.

This was utterly unexpected, but also utterly exciting and fantastic. I'm hoping to build upon my current coding knowledge, so one day I can perhaps create beautiful themes for other people's' blogs.

I've also found an outlet to express my bookworminess (none of my irl friends share my same level of bookish madness *sigh*).

Before, after finishing a particularly amazing book, I'd try to convince my friends to read it, generally to no avail. However, now I have the chance to pester the entire internet into reading a book. And of course there's the wonderful humans, people to fawn over pretty covers with, cry over dead ships, and screech about amazing books. (Unfortunately I have yet to become close friends with any fellow book bloggers, due to my inane fear of introducing myself, and my terrible friend making skills.)

When I first began blogging, I found writing reviews to be a bit difficult (though all posts were a bit of a challenge back then).

Though now I quite enjoy writing them, they've gotten easier too, as I've become better at putting my thoughts about the book into words. Reviewing books has also caused me to put more thought into my reading, I've noticed so many things that I wouldn't have before.

The bookish community is just overall a pretty brilliant bunch of people.

Though we've definitely got a sliver of a dark side, that makes an appearance ever so often, we're generally bursting with bookish love and amazing people.

In what ways are you thankful for the bookish community? How was your Thanksgiving?