The Various Pros and Cons of Hardcopies, Audiobooks and Ebooks

Monday, October 17, 2016
The Pros and Cons of the 3 Reading Methods

I'm sorry to say you can probably be expecting more erratic posting in the future, this is mostly due to the fact that high school started recently, and my time is already slipping through my fingers... *sigh* Now that we're done with the depressing stuff, let's move onto todays topic...

First up, those good ol' original paper-made books... I have to admit out of all the formats, this is my most beloved.

After all this is how I started out reading, books that I've read as a child hold memories for me in a way I believe no other format can.

I find that I read hardcopies the fastest, and they look gorgeous on my desk (so pretty to stare at). Plus there's just something special about actually holding the book in your hands, and turning every page. Also hardcopies make thee best bookstagram photo props, there's no competition.

On the flip side of things, with physical books, you can only fit so many in your bag before the carrying capsule has reached it's undeniable limit. Another downside is hardcovers are really heavy, but paperbacks are easier to damage, so neither is completely optimal for transporting around.

I'm not sure if this is really a downside or not, but I'm uber protective of my hardcopies,

if there's so much as a crease on a page's corner I feel agony. This can be pretty bad if someone asks to borrow one of my books. For example, once a friend of mine asked to borrow a book, and the next day I brought it to school in a gallon sized plastic bag. In my defense it was a signed copy, and of quite high value to me.

Next audiobooks, I tend to listen to them while I'm working on something.

I find them to be quite entertaining when I'm free to multitask. My mother first introduced them to me, we used to check audiobooks out from the library so we could listen to them on car trips. I loved this, mostly cause car trips are the worst. If I wasn't bored, than I was carsick. Audiobooks fixed those problems (well not sure it did to much for the latter).

If the voice acting is good, it can be like movie minus the visuals. (which kind of is the whole point of the movie but whatever)

However on the flip side if the voice acting is bad, then *cringe*.

Bad voice acting can even lead to me DNFing a book if it's really so bad that I can't stand it. Another issue I have with audiobooks is, occasionally I'll get distracted, and then after a few minutes realize I have no clue what just happened.

Now for the last one, honestly I started off really disliking ebooks, but I've slowly grown to appreciate them more.

I love the slimness and compactness of ereaders, they're just so portable and light. A couple hardcover books can really add some serious weight to your bag. I received a kindle from my aunt awhile back, and it was nice to have, until I broke it of course. (whhhyyy am I such a clutz...)

I've been intending to buy another, but I also need to get a new laptop and phone (hence my aptitude for breaking things, surprisingly enough the laptop has not become one of my victims, it has miraculously lived long enough to become too old and slow for my impatient soul).

Another win for ebooks is they are easier to read in the dark at 2 am when your parents may or may not think you're asleep. Cause you know there's no need for that clunky flashlight you keep dropping on you face.

Okay, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, when I read on my phone I get distracted...

(I know, I know, I'm a terrible bookworm *shame*. What should distract me from books? Nothing. But you know sometimes the internet is a siren luring you in...)

So yeah, it can sometimes take me a little bit of time to finish an ebook. However when (if I ever) get around to getting an ereader this problem should pretty much go poof.

However the biggest issue for me is I like being able to hold the physical book in my hands and turn the pages, and with ebooks that not exactly an option.

So while ebooks offer a ton of advantages, and audiobooks also have their benefits, I'm gonna have to go with hardcopies as my favorite.

Though, depending on the circumstances, at times I will prefer one of the other two.

So you've heard my opinions, what are yours? What are your rankings for the different reading methods?