Quartz Gazette August 2016 - School has Started Once Again + Moving is on the Horizon

Monday, September 12, 2016
Quartz Gazette August 2016

So high school has begun for me, and it's definitely been an interesting two weeks. It's also the reason why I've been largely absent from Quartzfeather. I'm having some trouble keeping up with my weekly schedule, so from henceforth I'll be posting bi-weekly and Quartz Gazette will be posted bi-monthly.

In other news, I'm moving houses this Friday. Yay for the new house, boo for all the packing. I'll also have the space for a bookshelf in my new room and that is always a plus.

On twitter, yesterday, I passed 100 followers, which is awesome! But I'm honestly not sure how long that will last, cause my Twitter followers count is always a bit sporadic.

Watched & Read

  • Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda // This was just purely adorable, it took me a couple of times to actually pick up the book and read it through, but in the end I'm so glad I did. I just wanna pinch Simon Spier's cheeks.
  • Wolf by Wolf // Another five star! I really enjoyed Wolf by Wolf, the alternate history topic, and the fantasy weaved into the story made for a wonderful read.
  • Cursed Child // Like the rest of the book blogging world, I didn't much like this one either. I ended up getting quite annoyed at Cursed Child cause the the original trio was quite out of character, and the plot was fairly ridiculous. Hopefully Fantastic Beasts will be better.
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe // I was under the impression that this book was an old classic for a bit, oops. My interest was first piqued when I saw a piece of Voltron Legendary Defender/Aristotle and Dante crossover fanart on Tumblr. And then after learning Lin Miranda was the narrator for the audiobook I knew I had to read this one. I really loved Aristotle and Dante (Ari's mom is awesome!), but I felt that the story moved a bit slow at times, which is pretty much the only reason for the 4 starred rating. Also I'm super excited for the sequel, but I'm honestly a bit confused on what it's gonna be about, the first book's ending wrapped things up rather nicely.
  • Raven Boys // I mostly read this book cause our great overlord, Cait, kept bring up how good it is. I'm a bit uncertain on how I feel about it, I loved certain aspects of the Raven Boys, but other parts just downright confused me for awhile. Not too sure whether I'm going to continue on with the series. I will say this though, Gansey has my complete and utter devotion.
  • Where the Mountain Meets the Moon // It's certainly been awhile since I've read a middle grade book and it was really nice to read one with Chinese culture. All in all it was a sweet book, and quite charming. The art included with in, which was drawn by Grace Lin herself, was a great addition.
  • Snow Like Ashes // So I thought Snow Like Ashes was a Snow White retelling at first glance, which it most definitely wasn't. The plot started off a bit cliche, and I was only semi-interested, however toward the beginning/middlish of the book there's a certain plot twist that caught my attention and hooked me in.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender // The finale absolutely tore out my heart, I was crying terribly. I can definitely see why Avatar is an animation legend. I've started Korra, but I'm not completely sure whether I like it yet.
  • Paper and Fire // currently reading Paper and Fire has been on my currently reading shelf forever, I don't think I want to DNF it, but at the same time I haven't really been motivated to read it recently.
  • Ice Like Fire // currently reading I adored the first book, but so far the second hasn't earned the same leval of adoration. Meira's been really annoying so far, and her actions make me wanna throw the book out the window sometimes. (view spoiler)[And honestly I find the love triangle to be unnecessary and exceedingly aggravating.] Also the ratings for this book really plummeted, considering how well the first book did, so my expectation aren't that high for Ice Like Fire.
  • A Curious Beginning // currently reading The main reason I requested A Curious Beginning was because the similarities between it and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. So far the book's been greet, the mc seems a bit pushy, but perhaps that particular character trait will grow on me.
  • My Lady Jane // currently reading When I was younger I was obsessed with the Tudor Era, so I know Jane's rather sad story by heart, that makes My Lady Jane even more entertaining, cause I can tell what they've changed. Also humor in this book is impeccable.


Some Quote Love

Happenings in the Blogosphere

  • Loony Literate Emily brings up the age old question, can you be in two Hogwarts houses?
  • These Paper Sites Does that name sound familiar? Well Stephanie from These Paper Hearts has launched a new blog about coding! I'm so excited, as she is one of my favorite bloggers, and I was so sad to see her close her other blog.
  • Free Borboleta Fran shares the news that Google will be penalizing popups and welcome mats from now on. For more info check out her post.

What have you guys been up to in August? If you're still in school, did yours start up again?