Ten Facts About the Mysterious Being Behind this Blog - Top 10 Tuesday

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Ten Facts About Me: Top Ten Tuesday

It's been more than a while since I've done a weekly meme on this blog. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm a forgetful person. Also random note I'm currently listening to the Rise of the Guardians soundtrack, and it is brilliant!

Top 10 Tuesday is a link-up run by the lovely gals over at The Broke and the Bookish. Go check them out for more info, and to find out how to participate.


I'm a huge history nerd

This isn't as prominent on Quartzfeather but I love history. It makes sense as the first thing I can remember adoring with a fangirlish glee was The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Since then Historical Fiction has always been one of my favorite genres, however I haven't been reading as much of it lately. Also I think my love for the historical also explains my interest in politics.


I'm a animation fanatic

Most of you probably have already noticed this about me, but I wouldn't be me if I missed a chance to talk about animation. Unlike my other hobbies I can perfectly pinpoint the moment I got myself tangled in the world of animation. Before I read books all day long, watched a movie like once a year, and audiobooks were my music. Then How To Train Your Dragon 2 came along, and I'm not sure why this particular movie, but as I a walked out of the theatre that day I knew I had an obsession on my hands. Oddly enough the feeling was fairly reminiscent of discovering you had a massive crush on someone. And of course the How To Train Your Dragon franchise has a special place in my heart.


I actually don't own that many books

Yes I've been a huge booknerd for pretty much my entire life, and yeah I do run a blog that's almost completely about books. (Also yep I am completely jealous of all those gorgeous shelfies on Instagram.) As a child I tended to rely on libraries to feed my thirst for books, and it didn't hurt that I happened to live close to a rather large one. However I'm working diligently on my book collection, and one day I will purchase a bookshelf. This not having a ton of books thing isn't really that annoying till I'm trying to take bookstagram photos, cause those library books be glinty.


My favorite color is pink

You guys are probably rolling your eyes and thinking: yeah cause that's not obvious at all. It's been my favorite color since before I remember. I don't like all pinks, it has to be a specific shade, none of those bright, flashy, hot pinks, I prefer more mellow and salmonly tones. Also for one year in the 3rd grade my favorite color switched to blue, but that didn't last very long.


I'm a Ravenclaw

Pottermore said so, and I couldn't help but agree. I do greatly prize knowledge, also in the 6th grade I read some of my text books for fun over winter break. Oops the nerdy child in me is coming out... The older quiz always put me in Slytherin, but when they updated the quiz I retook it and got Ravenclaw. And honestly I feel more like a Ravenclaw, but Slytherin would be my second choice.


I get excited over pretty sites

Ever since I've taken an interest in web design I always get really excited when I see a pretty website. Pretty things just really make me happy, it's not uncommon for me to go to a web designers portfolio just to gaze at and gush over their pretty work.


I write my posts in HTML

I started doing this in the last month or so cause I currently use a lot of css classes, and going back in to add them after I finished the post was too much of a pain in the butt. Also if you draft your posts in the compose tap, blogger murders the code with unnecessary divs everywhere. Plus it messes with your code sometimes, so yeah I just stay in the HTML tab now.


I've been to a grand total of one author signing

This is mostly cause not a lot of authors come around my rather remote Texan town. That one Marissa Meyer signing I've been to was during the one year I lived in a relatively large city. (Well I was born in a large city, however we moved when I was 6 so yeah didn't really get the chance to hit up the author signings in that area)


I'm a socially awkward human

I hate new environments with a vengeance. (and I just saved another misspelled word to my custom dictionary again *sigh*) I get really shy and nervous, but once I get comfortable I get really chatty and loud. Most of my friends say that when they first met me they thought I was shy, turns out that's a bit fat lie.


I'm writing a book!

This year I finally decided to scrap my first real developed and thought out story idea, and it was a huge deal to me cause I'd been working on it for so long. However I finally have a new idea, and I've discovered I enjoy writing the evilly point of view. *evil cackles*

Tell me something wondrous about you! Also would you be interested in seeing excerpts of my future book?