Quartz Gazette June 2016 - Lots Of Five Starred Love + Fangirly Despair

Saturday, July 2, 2016
Quartz Gazette June 2016

I may or may not be guilty of neglecting my blog lately. (#guilty) First, I was engrossed in sewing up a dress for my school's dance. I'd never made a project of this scale before so it was equally nerve wracking and exciting. I finally finished it, and it was such a joy to wear, I'll be posting pictures once I get them. Then came a slew of finals, and all that end of the school year jazz. *brain pains*

I've also picked up a new obsession within the last few months... Heard of Hamilton? That musical blowing up on broadway? Yeah haha honestly it's no big surprise as I'm a huge history nerd. Also in 4th grade I did I project on Mr. 10 dollar bill so I have a weird school project related connection with him. (I'm probably the only one who remotely thinks like this)

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but I'm a HUGE fan of the How To Train Your Dragon (httyd) franchise. The third season of Race to the Edge (the Netflix httyd TV show) dropped this month. (Instead of releasing episodes periodically, like say every week, Race to the Edge releases 13 episodes at the same time, about every six months.) Of course like the crazed fangirl I am, the second I got my hands on the episodes I started watching them.

So I started the last episode and the title flashed across the screen, it was called: Defenders of the Wing PART 1. And I start panicking, cause this is the last episode in the season, and it's freaking part one!!!! So I get to the end and it leaves us with Race to the Edge spoiler [Mala (the queenie of the Defenders of the Wing people) threatening to freaking murder Hiccup. Of course I know he won't die cause this show takes place between httyd 1 and httyd 2 (and he is quite obviously alive in the second movie, well he could be a zombie but nah) but like god damn it show creators, thanks for the cliffie.] Also that toothless dragon is still cute as ever.

Sorry for the mini rant but this next update is a lot less angry fangirly. so I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE SITES RESPONSIVE!!! *squealllsss* I've actually been wanting learn since I first found out about responsive design. The only problemo was all the tutorials online that I could find stunk. However thanks to the geniusness and kindness of Stephanie @ These Paper Hearts I was able to learn how to. Many thanks to Stephanie!

Posted in June

  • One True Loves Review This was the first review I've posted with the new format. Also Kudo's to the author for creating a love triangle that didn't make me wanna tear my hair out.
  • The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Site This post is really really long, but I'm pretty proud of it. After all mobile optimization in this day and age is quite important.
  • Comment Challenge July I actually spelled challenge wrong on the blog graphic *sigh* but yep I decided to try out this challenge.
  • One Paris Summer This book was cute, and reminded me a bit of Anna & The French Kiss. Now I REALLY wanna go to Paris.

Watched & Read & Received

  • Boys Over Flowers 5/5 watched This was the second kdrama that I'd ever seen (first was goong) And as with the first one, I had a show hangover/mini breakdown after watching the last episode. I can definitely see why this one is a classic.
  • P.S. I Like You 5/5 arc This was the first physical arc I'd ever received, you would not believe how excited I was... Thank you so much Point!!!! So about the book, it was a little predictable and cliche, but I still loved it with my entire beating heart. Mainly cause the romance was beautyness.
  • One True Loves 5/5 arc This book was beautifully written!!! Plus it had a love triangle that didn't feel completely and utterly unnecessary.
  • Carry On 5/5 reread I was grinning like a creepy maniac the entire time I was reading this... It's even better than I remembered.
  • Ink & Bone 3/5 arc The world was spectacular, however this book took me like the entire Triassic period to finish, and it wasn't a very long book. So yeah the book was a bit draggy, however I will be reading the sequel,
  • Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 5/5 reread *sobs* ALL my favorite characters DIED. Deathly Hallows spoiler [My poor Tonks, and Lupin... Also my other favoritess was Sirius and he died before this bookkkkk *wails* also Fred...] This one my second time reading this book, but the first time I'd read it was like four years ago (and my memory is terrible, also random (rock) fact: did you know we now have a shorter attention then a goldfish. yep.) and so I didn't really remember alot of the book anymore, so though I know they died, I wasn't sure when, and yeah I was definitely crying a lot during this book.
  • The Royal We 5/5 I needed an audiobook to listen too while I worked on a blog design and this one came up at hit me upside the face. It fantablous, and I adored pretty much everything about it. (the exceptions were a couple plot points that annoyed the bloody hell out of me) Also I have an undying urge to journey to London now
  • Jeweled Fire  5/5 *sigh* This book was perfection. Corene really developed a lot in Jeweled Fire, and we also got to explore a brand new country! The major ship was also to die for (shhh no spoilers!)
  • The Trials of Apollo 4/5 Apollo can be a bit annoying in the beginning *cough* conceited *cough* but his character definitely develops very well, and even with his arrogance issues he's still a very likable character. I started this book cause I wanted more Percy and Annabeth, unfortunately only 5% of my wish came true. Trial of Apollo also includes Riordan's trademark humor and sarcasm. All in all not as good as the first two series, but definitely worth the read. (especially that ending *hint hint*)
  • The Candy Makers currently reading I loved Wendy Mass's Willow Falls series and I thought why not give Candymakers a go. So far the worlds been pretty cool, but the book has yet to hook me.
  • Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet currently reading The descriptions of magic, and the cake are just divine. However I'm already over 50% into the book, and I still have literally no clue what is going on. I intend to finish it, but the book is struggling a bit on holding on to my attention.
  • The Throne of Glass currently reading I have heard so many good things about this book and so far it's doing a pretty good job living up to the hype.
  • The Neverland Wars dnf? I think I'm gonna end up DNFing this one, however I might give it another try. But the second hormones were brought up as little bugs I started having a hard time taking the mc seriously.
  • A Curious Beginning recieved I requested this book because the gorgeous cover and the amazing description. I've read a book that's a bit similar to this novel, and loved it. So I knew I had to give this one a try. Thanks Berkley!
  • We Own the Night received I'm so excited to start this book, it's about a girl who's secretly a radio show host which is super cool! Thanks Bloomsbury!
  • Been Here All Along recieved Been craving some contemporary so I'm excited to start this one! I'm one to never turn down an adorable love story. Thanks Swoon Reads!
  • The Rose & the Dagger currently reading *swoons* The sequel is even better than the first book! I basically read 80% of The Rose & the Dagger in one night, and I can't wait to finish it.
  • Race to the Edge 5/5 watched see my little rant above. I had so much to say that if I tried to fit it all here it'd make this section even larger then it already is.
  • How To Train Your Dragon 5/5 watched Yep I rewatched this one. A local theater was showing it as one of their summer movie things, and well I really wanted to see this movie on the big screen again! It's as fabulous as I remembered. Also that soundtrack is goals.

Quote Love

  • Race to the Edge Dagur: "To be fair I have done some questionable things." Fishlegs: "Questionable? Trying to kill us is not questionable."
  • The Rose & the Dagger When Rahim swallowed, the heavy knot in his throat rose and fell. "May I kiss you?" "Why are you asking permission?" Irsa murmured. "Doesn't that—ruin the moment?" "No." He smiled, but its edges wavered with a deeper meaning. " Because it's not just a kiss." "Why is that?" "Because when I kiss you, I want yours to the first...and last lips I ever kiss."

Things Which Do Not Concern Books

  • Moana Trailer Thatttt hair!!! I'm not sure why but Moana's hair is like my favorite thing about that trailer. The animation is splendid, plus Phillpa Soo AND Lin-Manuel Miranda will be in this film. Soo, voice acting for a (I think) minor character and Miranda, working on the music. (I think I heard him singing in the background, but it could've been a trick of the ear)
  • The Evolution of the Book I found this video to be quite interesting, and perhaps you will too.
  • Ilvermorny News On Pottermore J.K. Rowling released the backstory of Ilvermorny the magic school of America, and it is awesome. Also you can now get sorted into the Ilvermorny (god that hard to spell) Houses. They are: Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Wampus, and Pukwudgie. I got Thunderbird! Also J.K. Rowling is in Thunderbird too according to her twitter!!! (click the uppercase pink link to get to the backstory and sorting quiz)