Quartz Gazette July 2016 - The Month of Rabid Re-Designing

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Quartz Gazette July 2016

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My publishing of posts has been a bit spotty and erratic of late, but I'm straightening it all out. Also I wasn't feeling satisfied with the way my blog looked, and so I ended up making some changes. The biggest change is I opted to go sidebarless, all in all it wasn't a hard redesign, but the footer did end up providing quite the headache. While I was at it I also redid my email newsletter and my Tumblr design.

I've started working on my first premade blog design If you wouldn't mind taking a look, I'd love some feedback. Also much thanks to Molly @ Molly's Book Nook, Rachel @ Quite the Novel Idea, and Geraldine @ Corralling Books for finally convincing me to take a swing at setting up a web design biz. I'm nervous (of course, as I'm the overthinking type) but I'm also super excited!

Posted in July

  • Animated Trailer Reaction I indulge my animated obsession and share some thoughts on some newish trailers.
  • Finding Dory Review Yep I know, two animated related posts in a row. But I felt like sharing some thought's on Pixar's latest addition.
  • Ten facts about moi It was about time that I did another top ten tuesday post, and so I jumped in on this one. Also new numbered list format!
  • Some thoughts on Ilvermorny and the American Wizarding World Honestly with all this sudden new wizarding stuff, and just becoming a huge potterhead, my heads spinning a bit. I've been dying to let all my thoughts out, so when I discovered Aentee's Potterhead July Fest I practically jumped it.
  • P.S. I Like You by Kasie West Review I've been a huge Kasie West fan ever since reading On the Fence, so I was beyond excited to have a chance to review P.S. I Like You! In true Kasie West fashion her latest novel was absolutely adorable. Also if you guys feel like you've already seen that review, it's cause I accidentally published it too early a couple weeks ago.

Watched & Read & Received

  • The Siren // After the disappointment of The Crown I was a bit worried about starting this book, however The Siren was a nice surprise. I actually found myself liking this one a lot more than The Selection. I think the world building was a lot better, and I really liked the ocean aspect.
  • The Rose & the Dagger // This book is a masterpiece, there's no arguement. I really love Renee Ahdieh's writing style, it's really pretty and almost poetic. I really can't wait to see what she cooks up in the future.
  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between // This was a pretty enjoyable read for me, the relationship between Clare and Aidian was really sweet. Also Hello Goodbye is really real, like it's actually plausible for the plot to play out IRL. That was probably my favorite thing about the book.
  • The Star-Touched Queen // I binge read Star-Touched Queen in one night, it was just so impossible to put down. I really adored the characters, they were so well developed, also the romance is super swoony.
  • Walk on Earth a Stranger // While reading Walk on Earth I was reminded about how much I love historical fiction. I grew up reading it but lately I've been a bit busy with fantasy and contemporary, so I sorta forgot about historical, but this book made me want to suddenly devour a lot of it.
  • Grave Mercy // I checked this book out a couple times before actutally hunkering down and reading it, and boy am I glad I did. The mythology and lore was pretty awesome, but the romance was by far my favorite.
  • Finding Dory // So I finally went out to see this one, and I have to say it was enjoyable, but unlike Zootopia and How To Train Your Dragon it didn't really make an impression on me. It's a great sequel to Finding Nemo though.
  • Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet // I loved the story concept, but the way it was pulled off didn't really work for me. It's one of those types where you really have no clue what's going on till the big reveal at the end, then stuff makes sense. Personally I despise this style, but maybe you'll like it? The baking parts were mouthwatering though.
  • The Neverland Wars // This book wasn't really for me. Basically the mc explains hormones to her lil' sister in a really odd way (she refers to them as tiny bugs that invade you?). And after that I read a couple reviews and decided I didn't really want to read on.
  • Everything Leads to You // "It is morning. Juniper stands before a wall full of approximately sixteen Jesuses in various sizes and styles." I'm sorry but this quote gets me every time... I really enjoyed the parts in this book about set designing, I loved reading those parts. The only reason Everything Leads to You didn't get five stars is cause I felt like it was missing a bit of something.
  • Dark Triumph // I still like Grave Mercy more, but Dark Triumph was fabulous. I grew to really love Sybella, and the romance was just too good. Though I was so wishing to see more DuvalxIsmae... *sigh*
  • Throne of Glass // I've heard about this book absolutely everywhere, and I finally got around to reading it! Throne of Glass was quite good, I'm planning on starting the second book soon. Dorian and Chaol (when listening to the audiobook I thought his name was spelled Kale, oops.) are both super dreamy, and I have yet to join a shipping team, but I'm leaning toward Dorian.
  • Serpentine/Sacrifice // received I've been meaning to read this series for a while now so I'm super excited to get the chance to review the second book, Sacrifice. Now to catch up on Serpentine. (also another book set in Asia YAY!) Thank you Month9Books!
  • The Reader // received I've read the first few pages of this book, and <squeals>effing book magic.</squeals> Thank you Putnam!
  • Been Here All Along // Okay, so this book was complete greatness. Maybe I was just really in the cutesy, boy + boy romance mode, but Been Here All Along hit the spot right on. I recommend this book to all humans and martians.
  • Voltron Legendary Defender // currently watching This show is practically holding my tumblr dash hostage. Basically the only thing on tumblr these days is Voltron, Voltron, and more Voltron, so I finally gave in and watched it. I've seen the first two episodes, and I've deduced that I'm mainly watching the show for the characters. Cause the giant, five cats, robot, superhero isn't really my thing? (I may or may not be a tiny bit in love with Keith, also this girl's a huge KLance shipper *crosses fingers* please let it be canon.)
  • Mortal Heart // Out of all the books in the His Fair Assassin Trilogy, this one is my least favorite. I'm not quite sure why but I never got as invested as I did with the other two books. I think it might be because the romance wasn't as all consuming as the others? Mortal Heart is still a really good novel, but it just fell a tad short.
  • The 7D // currently watching This is my new go to show when I need something light and laughfy. It's also a retelling of Snow White, even though she's really not it, 7D is all about the seven dwarves.
  • When the Sea Turned to Silver // received Growing up as a an Asian-American, finding books with characters that shared my ethnicity was always something rare, so Grace Lin's Year of the Dog has a special place in my heart. I've been wanting to read more books influenced by Chinese lore, and When the Sea Turned to Silver is full of it! Thank you Little Brown Books!
  • Paper and Fire // currently reading The first book, Ink and Bone had a little trouble capturing my attention, so it got 3 stars. However this second book is doing a much better job, and I'm already engrossed. I just love the concept so very much, world controlling, demonic, library? Definitely my cup of tea.
  • Wolf by Wolf // currently reading Oh this book is just too good, I've developed quite a fondness for scenario switching historicals. So far I've thoroughly enjoyed everything about Wolf by Wolf.
  • Dear Pakistan // received I requested this one on Netgalley cause I haven't heard anything like it before. Dear Pakistan is about a girl who mostly grew up in Pakistan, when she returns to Australia she must figure out how to navigate a new culture. Thank you Rhiza Press!


Some Quote Love

  • Finding Dory Marlin: "Let us live and we'll worship you"
  • Been Here All Along Gideon: "I have become a teen rom-com cliché. There is no hope for me."
  • Voltron Legendary Defender Keith: "I punched Sendak!" Lance: "Yeah, apparently after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off." Keith: "We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!" Lance: "Nope. Don't remember, didn't happen."

Far Far Away in the Blookosphere
  • Parajunkee If your a naive chipmunk like me and you still have no clue what happened with the ragey, taking too many arc, mess awhile back then here's your chance to catch up. Seriously you're gonna want too.

Things Which Don't Concern Books
  • Picmonkey Mobile App Finally the long awaited (at least for me) mobile app is here. It's pretty basic, but the app is easy to use and might be a good addition to your photo editing arsenal.
  • For Fellow Voltron Fans If you love Voltron and are a huge KLance shipper you might wanna watch this AMV.

Do you like the new design or prefer the old? Any new obsessions this month? (*hint* Voltron? *hint*)