Why Having A Mobile Friendly Template Is Of The Utmost Importance For The Benefit Of Your Blog & It's Readers

Monday, June 13, 2016
Why Your Blog Should be Mobile Friendly

A large amount of traffic these days is coming from mobile devices as we use them more (and also get more and more permanently attached to them)

Sites that aren't mobile friendly are a pain in the arse to read on phones/tablets/ipods etc.

You have to zoom in to read the text, and often then it's still too small to read comfortably. Then there's the navigation bars *sigh* those are particularly difficult to use...  Basically what I'm try to saying is when your site isn't mobile friendly your readers on mobile devices have to go the extra mile to read your posts, and making it harder for your readers to read your content will not help your build your follower counts.

Another reason you should consider is that when your blog isn't mobile friendly it will hurt your SEO, 

on mobile devices your site will be moved down in Google search results. Mobile friendly sites are given a slight advantage in search result rankings in this case.

I personally believe having a mobile friendly site is a must have. 

Some options for mobile friendliness include, having two different sites (Ex: desktop site - http://www1.macys.com/ and a separate mobile site - http://m.macys.com/ ) a responsive design (Ex: https://www.nosegraze.com/ play around with the window size to see the magic in action) or a blogger mobile template (Ex: http://quartzfeather.blogspot.com/?m=1) There's probably (most definitely) more options out there but these are the ones I know of.

So first off let's talk about the whole two different sites methods. 

I've mostly seen large store chains using this option. Apparently it used to be popular but has since gone out of style (does the internet have fashion trends? According to me it apparently does) 

The second one, a responsive design is currently the most popular. 

For this one there is only one design which can be resized depending on the size of the devices screen. Most website templates and web designers utilize this method.

This last one only works if you use Blogger. (I think Wordpress might have something similar but I'm not quite sure on that)

Some how Blogger can detect when your on a mobile device, and when you are it switches you over to a mobile template. You can access the mobile template on a desktop by adding ?m=1 to the end of a blogger blog url. (this only works if the blog has the mobile template feature activated)

To activate or change your blogger mobile template go to Blogger > Template > Click on the gear below the picture showing the mobile view.

Now it gives us two options, if yours doesn't already have Yes selected, pick yes. Then click on the little dropbox selector under Choose mobile template.

These are the options
  • Default: this a simple default mobile template (the only thing that changes from blog to blog is the header other than that the design remains EXACTLY the same)
  • Simple, Dynamic Views, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, Watermark, Ethereal, Travel: these are the mobile counterparts of their desktop templates.
  • Custom: this template changes based on changes made to your web templates. (and personally the one I'd recommend) 

My first recommendation would be a responsive design, however not everyone has the skills to code one, or can't afford or doesn't want to buy one.

If your looking for a responsive design but your not up to dishing out a ton of cash on a custom theme, you should look into buying a premade theme. These Paper Hearts has a couple gorgeous Blogger ones and Nosegraze has a ton of beautiful Wordpress themes. (Make sure you check that the theme is responsive as not all of them are)

My second recommendation (for blogger only) would be the custom mobile template, this one changes depending on the features of the desktop design.

All other mobile templates don't change at all, beside the header, all the sites who choose the one you did will look exactly the same. You want your blog to standout. And if on mobile devices your website looks nearly identical to a lot of others, then your not really standing out are you?

One last thing I'd like to mention is: I see a lot of people who have responsive themes and yet they still have a Blogger mobile template activated. 

If you have a custom/premade theme on your blog check your site on a mobile device and see if your still using a mobile template, then check to see if your is theme responsive.

If it is, the next step is to disable the mobile template and check on a mobile device if your template is functioning correctly. If it is and you like it, your job is done, if it isn't just re-enable the blogger mobile template.

Don't under estimate your mobile template as having a good and unique one can be extremely helpful to your blog and it's readers.

In one of my future posts I'll be talking about how to customize your Blogger mobile template.

Do you you think having a good mobile site is a necessity? Also I definitely used mobile way to many times...