When The World Is Extremely On Fire Cause It Turns Out You've Been Pronouncing A Character Name Wrong

Monday, May 9, 2016
Saying Character Names Wrong

We all know that moment when you find out that a character's name isn't pronounced how you thought it was. It's a relatively small thing, but at the same time it can be a huge surprise.

This happens to me a lot as I'm terrible at figuring out pronunciations. (I also have terrible spelling, writing this post forced be to learn how to spell character) I often don't say the names right, especially the ones that are foreign (Ex: Hijiri Kitamura from the Grimbaud series, I still have no idea how to say her name honestly)

Ways to find out you've been saying a character's name terribly wrong...

  • The Friend will inform you of your sin when you fangirl with them and land on the character you can't say right (you will be corrected or you guys could end up in an argument)
  • The Author whether it's an interview, a face to face meeting, or something else, the author says the character's name and you realize you've been calling said fictional human the wrong combination of sounds. (There is no argument here cause the author is the overlord of the world in which this character lives, there simply is no arguing with them)
  • The Audiobook you've decided you'd like to listen to the audiobook of one of the books in the series (or the only book if it's a standalone) and the audiobook narrator say's the dreaded name and your world self-combusts (This is of course totally logical, and is exactly what happens)

Is it pronounced IKO or EKO? (we're talking about the sassy Lunar Chronicles android chick) 

Okay here's the details. Marissa Meyer says Eko. The audiobook narrator say Iko. (I know my opinion doesn't really count but) I say Iko. Technically it's Eko as Marissa Meyer did create the name, however most people I've met say Iko. I'm probably not gonna change my pronunciation cause well I like Iko. *shrugs*

What names have you pronounced wrong in your bookish journey? Do you say Eko or Iko?