Why I Generally Don't Read A Ton Of Book Reviews

Monday, April 18, 2016
Why I Generally Don't Read Book Reviews

Book reviews are arguably the solely most important posts when it comes to book blogs. However I don't read a lot of them. Unless I already have this book on my TBR, or the cover/title catches my attention...

Chances are I'm gonna have a quick peek at the synopsis and move on.

There's just so many new book reviews in my bloglovin feed everyday that it's becomes sorta overwhelming, and I don't really feel like reading all of them. 

However there are some bloggers' reviews that I will always read.

For example Cait @ Paperfury and Emily @ Loony Literate. Their reviews specifically standout to me because their unique senses of humor and how entertaining I find their reviews.

I also really like it when book reviews have GIFs (I say GIF like gift how bout you?) both of the bloggers I mentioned below use a ton of these lovely moving pictures.

Why BB-8 and a bunch of ickle chickens, I'm not sure.... They just felt right. (plus I've been waiting to use this GIF for a while)

Now I'm definitely not telling anyone to change their reviewing style because of this post, after all these are just my preference.

Another weird thing about my review reading habits is: 

if it's a book I know I will read or am reading I will avoid all book reviews about it like the plague (which is something you really should be avoiding, it's quite nasty) This is mostly because I like developing my own opinions on a novel beforehand, than I'll take a look at other peoples thoughts. (I know kinda weird)

Most of the time if these plague-ish book reviews pop up I bookmark them or if the post is in my bloglovin feed I'll save them to a collection called spoilers. I enjoy reading reviews after finishing the book, and if I'm planning to write a review, after I've written my review.

I know I'm a bit odd (that fact is quite well known) but I just wanted to share my book review reading habits with you guys.

So am I alone in this relatively odd habit of not reading a ton of book reviews? Do you or do you not read a lot of book reviews?