How Joining The Book Blogging World Changed The Way I Read

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
How Book Blogging Changed My Reading Habits

Becoming a book blogger has affected my bookish life in many ways. For example going to the library.

I used to just wander through the library looking for a book to read.

Occasionally I had a book in mind but normally I'd just pick a couple books that interested me, but after becoming immersed in the book blogging world I began to pay more attention to upcoming anticipated releases. So now I read mostly newer books, while before the release dates of the books I checked out were scattered far and wide. Now I spend a lot of time at the new books shelves.

Rereading books I loved before I became a book blogger is normally disappointing.

My standards have gotten higher. A lot higher. Before I so rarely found a book I disliked, but these days that's become a much more common occurrence. Now I often think about the rating as I read, and note things I dislike or like about the book. Basically I scrutinize the book much more than before.

I don't reread as much, before as much as 1/3 of the books I read each year were rereads.

Now however being exposed to so many more book everyday my TBR is 100x longer than it was before so now I read mostly new books rather then rereading.

When I started a blog I didn't expect it to impact my life so much, but it has.

And all of it's been good (okay maybe staying up late cause I have a post I just NEED to write this instant, or stressing over coding problems aren't exactly fun) but I love everything about blogging. I am so happy and grateful that found this corner of the world web.

Has Joining the Book World Changed Any Aspect of Your Life?