Mix & Match || Love-A-Thon 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Mix & Match Love-A-Thon

I love animated movies and I adore books so wouldn't it be awesome to see them together? Unfortunately this doesn't happen very often if ever *sigh* Today I'll be sharing two book I think would make fabulous animated movies, and two books that got turned into animated movies. [The Love-A-Thon is a challenge hosted by Alexa, Cee, Hazel, & Mel]

Books That'd Make Spectacular Animated Films

1. The Lunar Chronicles

This is not doubt wishful thinking on my part, books so rarely get turned into animated movies, and I've yet to see a YA book based animated film. But I think this series would be lovely animated. Their probably gonna be made into live action films, but I feel like if that does happen, unless the movie has a huge budget, the film might look a bit cheap. After all the story is set so far in the future.

2. Harry Potter

Okay these already have been made into live action films, however just imagine how beautiful the animated films would be. All that magic and wonder, also you ought to remember animated films can do about anything art wise, so while the live-action movies are impressive I feel like having an animated version would be super awesome.

Books That Made Lovely Animated Movies

1. How To Train Your Dragon

If you didn't expect this one you don't know me. But you have to admit they made awesome animated films. Though the book series by Cressida Cowell is pretty (very) different I kinda like that. Double the awesome dragon worlds! Though sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if the movies had more closely followed the series. However I would never change the movies, ever. The second film, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is the reason I fell in love with animated movies, and the book series were perhaps the most heart touching and heart-wrenching series I've ever read. Both the books and the movies have left a huge mark on my life.

Also that animation is so gorgeous, and did I mention the soundtrack? *swoons* Plus the plots. Both How To Train Your Dragon movies took huge risks in (view spoiler)[having the hero Hiccup not leave the final battle unscathed, and *sobs* killing the father, Stoick.] Both risks I think made the story that much better.

2. The Princess & the Frog

This movie is based of The Frog Princess Series by E.D. Baker. It's not incredibly obvious since so much was changed. I remember as a child waiting breathlessly to see this film. I was a bit disappointed to learn that the movies and the book shared almost nothing in common, but I still have a soft spot for this film and it's lovely restaurant-opening princess. 

Also this was Disney's last hand-drawn film and while I adore CGI animation I still love hand-drawn. Hand-drawn just has a certain loveliness and magical-ness to it.