I Inquire As To Whether My Blog's Bright Color Scheme Is Giving You & Other People Headaches

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Is My Blog Too Bright?

This is a question that's bothered me for awhile, one I've tried to amend, but every time I ultimately decide to stick with my current color scheme, only to have the question arise again. It's a tiresome and annoying process, so I've decided to end it here once and for all.

I'd like to ask: Is my blog color to bright? Is #ff8b8b to bright? Does it bug you? Does it cause you to stay away from my blog? Please. Please, leave your opinion below. I don't want to be driving away readers cause my blogs just to bright.

Also why we're at it, is their anything about my design that bugs you in general, anything (doesn't even have to be about design) you think I should change?

Do You Ever Have Self Doubt About Your Blog? Or Is There One Decision/Question That's Bugged You For All Of Eternity?