From The Desk Of A Fangirl III

Monday, December 14, 2015
From the Desk of a Fangirl #3

I suppose it time for a third, lately I've been reading a lot so it's about time. I've been busy lately, but I can still squeeze in some reading and blogging time luckily. I have some good books to share, plus a lot of feels and fangirling. These are some of the books that connected with me the most.


The Kiss Of Deception
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Dear Mary E. Pearson,

AHHHHHHH!!!! The Kiss of Deception was spectacular.

Though I must thank you dearly for cutting out my heart and stomping on it. How could you kill them? *Sniff Sniff*

But you're forgiven. I can't wait to start the second book, The Heart of Betrayal. It sounds very really AMAZING!!!!!!!! Team Rafe for life!

How To Betray A Dragon's Hero
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Dear Cressida Cowell,

I discovered your series last summer, and your writing brought back both sweet and sour memories of my childhood.

Your books just get better and better, and I've grown to dearly love Toothless and Hiccup. It sorrows me that this magnificent series will soon end.
The Winner's Curse
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Dear Marie Rutkoski,

The Winner's Curse blew me away, you weaved a trap of words and kept me reading hungrily. Kestrel and Arin quickly became two of my favorite characters.

I eagerly await The Winner's Kiss. (Does "kiss" mean more ArinxKestrel? Also the covers are gorgeous.)