A Small {Unhappy} Bibliophile's Lament Concerning The {Sorrowful} Cover Change Of The Winner's Trilogy

Friday, December 11, 2015
Lamenting the New Winner's Trilogy Covers

These Are The Current Covers

Just look at how gorgeous they are and the beautiful dresses *drowns in happiness* These perfectly describe the series, yes Kestrel is total bad-assery but, she is also a society girl. In the first two books {I can't speak for the third} she's always wearing gowns, and fighting with brains not brawn and definitely not with knives {at least not that much} So while she is overthrowing a empire, she is no knife welding assassin from Throne of Glass. {Explanation coming}

And These Are The New Covers

Errr . . . not to be cruel, but Throne of Glass anyone? It does seem a tad bit too similar. My main dislike with the new covers is that they don't match the spirit of the books. Like I mean they aren't ugly, they're quite pretty in fact, however I really love The Winner's Trilogy because it proves that humans in dresses can over throw empires. Plus I ummmm was a bit overly attached to the previous covers.

Final Thoughts

Even though I am displeased with the cover change it doesn't mean I will no longer read this fantastic series. However since it's not very likely that Fierce Reads will be changing their minds anytime soon, I'll most likely be buying the third book from the UK if they choose not to change there, and I really do hope they don't.