NaNoWriMo Edition {Snazzy Snippets}

Sunday, November 1, 2015
NaNoWriMo Edition Snazzy Snippets

This is my first time participating in both NaNo and Snazzy Snippets which is a link up hosted by Loony Literate and The Devil Orders Takeout. So I'm extra excited! Also quite nervous to be sharing my writing for the first time... So a little about my tail {I swear I don't have one, I'm not a dragon or anything} tale.

So I'm writing a fairytale retelling, I just love retellings especially fairytales {though oddly enough I was never a Disney Princess fan} All you have to do look a few of my favorite books, and if they aren't retellings of some sort, they either have royalty or fantasy in them. My story is called White As Snow, as the title totally gives away it's Snow White. Here it goes...

Snippet #1 No Dialogue 

She sat huddled in her cloak of darkness, dripping with sullen tears, and unseen fissures running free through her heart. It had been the day of running, she’d tripped and slipped her way through, though still she managed to stay ahead of her fears. Then she’d paused stopped, and been trapped, caught.

She’d done her best lies, worn her best masks. And yet, all had failed, all had cracked.

Her first, true, mother had died when she was young, now at eighteen her second had been taken, yet alive, though no doubt gone as the dead.

There was still hope, small hope that she’d been innocent after all, but would this ordeal not stain her reputation, fracture her bond with her stepdaughter?

Silver wanted answers, answers to the questions that had eaten away, as she’d talked, walked, breathed…

Snippet #2 Featuring Friend/Family 

Four Hundred and Ninety-nine years ago the peaceful rebellion had succeed, and Anasi who had once ruled over all of the four countries, had given in. But yet did the leaders know that he’d kept one card to play, and intended to win eventually.

“Mardue, we can’t do this. We’ll betray everyone who follows us.”

“I agree with her,” a deep male voice seconded. “The people who rebelled with us wanted to rule themselves, to do this would be to literally put them back where they started.”

The women, Mardue replied fiercely, “You don’t understand, we have no choice. I knew he couldn’t be trusted, he has left us no choice.”

The first voice replied softly, “I understand, but I feel like I’m betraying everyone by giving our descendants an advantage to the throne.”

A forth voice chimed in, “Well, we are adding safety nets in case one of are descendants aren’t fit to rule.”

“Still…” the second voice trailed off.

Mardue’s voice rose, this time filled with anger, “Did you hear me? I said no choice.” She paused, silence. Mardue sighed, lowering her voice almost to a whisper, her anger replaced with fear, she continued. “We must do everything to ensure the right people are on the throne we need the right ones. All of our people depend on it, how does five hundred years of lies compare to living forever under hidden tyranny? The three others nodded their heads in consent, even though none, not even the one that spoke truly agreed with what they were about to do. History would have its choice, they would be known as four of the most beloved or four of the most hated.

Snippet #3 Took Forever To Write

The princess shifted, placing her elbows upon the table. Her arm collided, and something clattered to the floor. She got down on her knees, feeling for whatever she’d just knocked over.

A speck of something in nothing, gray, white and black shapes unfurling from that point. Color, the vibrant hues from her dreams spreading, filling outlines with vibrancy. Dripping, and dribbling from object to thing, coloring in the scene before her. Memory flashed, like a rearing horse. That night that moment, colors had burned bright, for once not in a slumber.

It all came back, one after another, flowing like a trepid river. You know why you're blind, right-your, mother had a double aven. A torrent of question rained down upon her, each more painful than the last. Was Renagade hiding something, why hasn’t she explained.

No, stepmother wouldn’t, there just wasn’t time. She reasoned, unwilling to believe that Renagade would lie to her. Silver forced it from her head, she needed to focus on the task at hand. And the fact that she had sight for the second time in a week, for the first time in fifteen years her eyes had functioned right, it was a puzzling miracle.

The princess lifted her hands, staring at the palms, studying the lines that seemed to be carved in. When she’d stared long enough to be certain that this was no dream, she dropped her hands, examining her surrounds. Her eyes caught, a book lay on the floor, it’s pages opened like a bird's wings. The cover faced upwards, and she studied the markings engraved in the spine, words they were called.