Saint Anything "Gorgeous, Heartfelt & Striking" {Book Review}

Monday, November 23, 2015
Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen Review

The 12th book in Sarah Dessen's serie-ish definitely handles some darker topic, such as drunk driving and assault, but I think the author did a really good job overall.


Title: Saint Anything
Author: Sarah Dessen
Series: Stand Alone
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, YA
Source: Library

Sydney has always felt invisible. She's grown accustomed to her brother, Peyton, being the focus of the family’s attention and, lately, concern. Peyton is handsome and charismatic, but seems bent on self-destruction. Now, after a drunk-driving accident that crippled a boy, Peyton’s serving some serious jail time, Sydney is on her own, questioning her place in the family and the world.

Then she meets the Chatham family. Drawn into their warm, chaotic circle, Sydney experiences unquestioning acceptance for the first time. There’s effervescent Layla, who constantly falls for the wrong guy, Rosie, who’s had her own fall from grace, and Mrs. Chatham, who even though ailing is the heart of the family. But it’s with older brother Mac—quiet, watchful, and protective—that Sydney finally feels seen, really seen, at last.

Saint Anything is Sarah Dessen’s deepest and most psychologically probing novel yet, telling an engrossing story of a girl discovering friendship, love, and herself.



Favorite Quotes

“The future was one thing that could never be broken, because it had not yet had the chance to be anything.” 

In most of Sarah Dessen's other books romance plays a large role in the plot, however in Saint Anything it kind of take the back seat, in this one I feel like family had the larger part.

Just like every other book by Ms. Dessen, expect the feels, expect to cry and laugh out loud {and have other people stare at you as you do so} So far I haven't met a Sarah Dessen novel that hasn't reduced me to a dramatically emotional puddle. Whether it's sadness or happiness the way she injects emotion into her novels, makes it so I can't help but cry or laugh along.

My favorite thing about this entire book is the title and it's connection in the story itself. When I first started Saint Anything I was slightly confused about the title choice. After all most of her books have self-explanatory titles like What Happened to Goodbye, and Saint Anything made like no sense what so ever.

Then enter Mac and his saint pendent, and it kind of made sense, but not really. Then when he gave Sydney a charm like his own but with an unknown saint on it and she nicknamed it Saint Anything, it was kind of like an ah-ha moment, and made me really appreciate Sarah Dessen's title choice. Also the title and the story behind it kind of reminded me of Lock and Key and Ruby's key necklace. {which is always a plus cause Lock and Key will always be my fav}

Prepare for the onslaught of memories. If you're like me and you've read a couple of her other novels before, then you'll recognize at least some if not all of the references to her other books in Saint Anything. Such as {a popular social media site created by Jamie from Lock And Key} Perkins Day {a prep school for wealthier kids in Lakeview} and The Arbor {an upper class community also in Lakeview} I feel like these added an extra layer, and the connections between the books makes reading them extra special.

Layla was by far my favorite character {which is a first because normally it's the main character or their love interest} but her own unique quirks seals the deal, such as her love of how-to manuals, and the fact that she's a self-proclaimed french fry connoisseur.


Also her ex Eric was hilarious {though that was most likely not his intention} with his long epic 'poetic' monologues rivaling Shakespeare, and like Layla you can't help but love him.

Final Thoughts

Saint Anything is a must read, especially if your a fan of Sarah Dessen's or if your just a big reader of contemporary and romance. I really enjoyed this and can't praise it enough, this is definitely one of those books I'd shove in peoples faces politely recommend. I highly encourage you to read it or at least put it on your TBR.