People Who I Owe My Blog & My First Born Child(s) To

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
People Who I Owe My Blog To Top 10

It's Thanksgiving in a few days and boy do I know it! No other time of year do you ever see so many huge raw chickeny things AKA a turkey. I still don't get how people finish that thing! This is my first time participating, so cue the extra giddiness. By the way, that graphic took forever to get right!!!! I redid it like ten times. Looks simple, isn't. {Top 10 Tuesday is a link-up hosted by Broke and Bookish}

Since this is my first Thanksgiving in the book blogging community . . .

Thou Who I Owe My Blog To 

  • Long before all of this I had a second grade teacher who sparked my bookish craze. Ms. Salim introduced me to The Little House series by Laura Wilder. Those books, it was love at first sight.
  • I must thank thee polandbananasBOOKS. Yes I know she's a booktuber, but . . . I actually entered the online book community through booktube. She's the reason I even considered writing book reviews. Also if your wondering, yes I tried to be a booktuber, but it didn't work all to well . . . 
  • Next on my list is XOMISSE, she deserves many thanks. Without her QuartzFeather would probably still be overly pink, and a basic blogger design.
  • Of course since I've mentioned her book, I must remark upon my immense gratitude to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Without her I wouldn't be such a bookdragon, and without her I wouldn't have such a love for history. {yes I'm a total history dork}
  • Thank you Stephanie from These Paper Hearts. Not only do I happen to use lots of her coding tutorials {examples: pink heading up above, social media buttons, currently reading gadget, and on and on} I also adore her book review format {so unique!} and don't even get me started on her blog's design.
  • I endow my thankfulness to the Goddess of Code, Ashley of NoseGraze. And even though most of her posts are about Wordpress, they're still informative and lot's of fun to read.
  • I extend my greatest gratitude to thee Queen Cait of Paperfury, for writing thee most enjoyable reviews ever, and for having the most entertaining blog ever.
  • Thank you Marissa Meyer for being the awesome writer you are. I actually met Marissa around the time I started blogging, and my first blog post is actually about Winter's cover begin revealed. {I kid you not}
  • Thank you to Erin of The Reader's Hollow for being my first bookish blog friend, beta reading my book in progress, and welcoming me into your group of indie reviewers. Also many thanks for helping when I was still a confused blogging youngling.
  • If your reading this THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore all of my readers. You are the greatest and the bestest.

 Oops no numbers this time . . . I can't number my thankfulness! How bout you? Any people you owe your bookishness to or your blogs?