Loves Of Late: August 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015
Loves of Late Aug 2015

From now on I'm going to do a monthly posts of my new favorite things of late. Topics will range from books to art techniques, so like my blog a mishmash.

Before we start I'd like to ask that if you use any browser other than Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox and my blog looks weird then please notify me. I designed my blog for chrome so I apologize if it looks weird on any other browsers.


This month has been a rather busy month for reading, though mostly audiobooks. Speaking of that I haven't gotten a new physical book in ages. So lets start with my two favorite books from the month of August. My choices are so close I don't even have a clear first place, but I did have to choose.

First Up We Have: The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The Shadow Throne is the last book in the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen, and I finished it some time in the first week of August. I loved it, it was just a lot of fun to read.

I actually bought The False Prince, the first book in the series last year and read it, but for some reason ended up not reading on with the series. But a few weeks ago I saw the book was available at my local library and so I picked up the audio format. Long story short, I read it and absolutely adored it, and since then I have read the entire series.

I really enjoyed The Ascendance Trilogy and definitely encourage you to read it. Ms. Nielsen can write a good story that will no doubt keep you on your toes, as you journey through the world of Avena with an orphan named Sage as your guide.
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y We Have: How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

How to Train Your Dragon came in as a close second, the two books were so close I could barely choose.

This book is aimed toward younger audience, but How To Train Your Dragon has a certain charm the will make all ages laugh. This book certainly has it's fair share of humor.

How to Train Your Dragon is worth the read, especially if you have watched the movie. While the plots and characters deviate widely between the books and the movies, they are equally amazing in my opinion. Though I must warn you, the two are very very different, just don't go in expecting a book version of the movie.

Cressida Cowell sure packs a ton of hilarity into her books, and every new story features an even sticker, harder to get out of, situation. And when our hero some how manages to escape we are left to marveling at his antics.
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I haven't watched that many newer movies this month, but I have caught up on a few of the most popular or not so popular animations from the last few years, and I have come across a few gems, that I wished I hadn't overlooked when they were released. 

First In The Movies Department We Have: Disney's Big Hero 6

Ahhhh, Baymax was simply too cute! I was pretty late seeing this movie considering that it came out almost a year ago, and now I wish I had seen the movie the second it came out. Big Hero 6 was a lot of fun to watch, the story was immersive and at times I found myself bawling like a baby.

However their were a lot of plot holes, but they can be forgiven. I especially loved the fact that Big Hero 6 embraced science, and showed that, yes scientist are not all old bald humans, or people with crazy hair. (JK)

Another thing that makes Big Hero 6 stand out from the rest of the Disney movies, is that Big Hero 6 has no romance, at all. But I like that, not every single story needs a love story. If you haven't already seen Big Hero 6 go watch it!

Last But Not Least We Have: Dreamworks Animation's Rise of the Guardians

I know I know, three years late... Well whatever. Rise of the Guardians has a pretty big fan-base for a movie that didn't do to well in the box office. I think that last one mainly has to with, *cough cough* North A.K.A. Santa Claus.

Rise of the Guardians was a breath of fresh air, it is truly one of a kind. I'm sad that it probably won't get a sequel due to it's unfortunate performance at the box office.

A teenage Jack Frost, a Santa with tattoos, a bird like toothfairy, a short man who talks with sand, and an anthropomorphic human sized Easter Bunny with an Aussie accent, are very original unique character designs. Though I must admit Jack looks an awful lot like Hiccup. Rise of the Guardians has a brilliant villain, Pitch is one of my favorites of all time. He's the bogey man! Can't think of a better choice. I have lots of love for this movie, Rise of the Guardians is an spectacular concept, I do hope to see more.