Movie Review: Minions

Monday, August 17, 2015
Minions Movie Review

So this is my first movie review, and it's gonna be on the Minions movie. As you can probably see I'm more than a little late, but that's mainly because I wasn't planning on watching Minions. A lot of the reviews said it wasn't much good, and beside I was worried that the minions wouldn't be able to carry their own story, after all I personally didn't feel like they really had that much personality beside being funny and cute, in the first two movies

IMDb: 6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 54%
Meta Critic: 56% 
Length: 91 min
My Rating: 67%

Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time, Minions live to serve, but find themselves working for a continual series of unsuccessful masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon. Without a master to grovel for, the Minions fall into a deep depression. But one minion, Kevin, has a plan; accompanied by his pals Stuart and Bob, Kevin sets forth to
find a new evil boss for his brethren to follow. Their search leads them to Scarlet Overkill, the world's first-ever super-villainess.

However I did end up watching it and I must admit it wasn't half bad, but not really memorable. Minions offers comedy and a fun movie experience but in the end it's not something I see as becoming a classic. Minions is filled with slapstick humor and has no real depth

The humor wasn't bad, we see the British people drinking tea gag a lot and honestly after the third or second time it just got plain annoying. Though I  admit putting Queen Elizabeth II in the movie was a interesting move, I wonder whether she has seen the movie and if so what was her reaction. It would be really weird to see someone else play you, or see your self animated in an imaginary world.

I was not expecting a movie that makes you cry or anything, Minions is definitely just a straight up comedy. I am amazed that Illumination Entertainment was able to create a movie where you can't even understand the characters; well of course that only applies to those who can not speak french or spanish. So they kind of had to heavily rely on facial expressions and tone of voice, and for me if you can tell a story just using that then you have scored a win.

If your looking for a comedy fix then this is the movie for you, Minions is overflowing with jokes gags and random antics. Just don't go into this movie expecting to come out crying or pondering the very meaning of life, this movie is just for laughs. Though I have to say we don't see that many upright comedy movies these days in the animation department, it seems that every movie is trying it's best to teach us a lesson and make us cry. So in a way Minions is a rare gem.