Book Review: Summer Of Sharona By Brian Humek

Monday, August 31, 2015
Summer Of Sharona By Brian Humek Review

Summer Of Sharona started off so normally, I had absolutely no idea what was coming. The story was intense and at time I was deeply frightened for Ashley, the main character. However the story was a little predictable at times, but that didn't really affect the overall reading experience too much.

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Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 5, 2014)
Pages: 274
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Fifteen year old Ashley believes life should come with one rule: No one should ever crush a ladybug. Well, make that two rules, she also believes people who meet in the nut house should not be allowed to marry. If only her mother had followed that rule, Ashley's life wouldn't be such a mess. It's the summer of 1979, the song My Sharona is skyrocketing to the top of the charts, disco is fading, and on a fateful evening on Chicago's south side, thousands of disco records are physically destroyed. Ashley's life goes from bad to worse on another warm Chicago evening. Exactly one week after experiencing Disco Destruction Night at the ballpark, Ashley enters Grant Park and leaves it twenty minutes later, a changed girl forever. After this traumatic event, finding a love is the last thing on Ashley's summer "to do" list. The funny thing about love is that it's most successful when it comes out of nowhere and simply happens.



Favorite  Quote

"...even if you did probably just crush a number of ladybugs"

This book does handle some heavier topics, such as abuse, rape, death and abortion, just warning you, however I really think they add depth to the story and make it more realistic.

On the romantic note Summer Of Sharona brought the boy next door to a whole new level, totally elevating the whole falling in love with the person next door plot, creating a new twist on the old classic. It's hard not to giveaway any plot points without spoiling you!

I really enjoyed the inclusion of music, it was a nice unique touch and added a lot of charm to the story, especially since the author mentioned a soundtrack for the book, I'll be checking that one out.

Ryan I have to say is my favorite character by far, he was so sweet in always being there and supporting Ashley even when it was hard or difficult for him. Ashley was also a well written character, I enjoyed her out going personality and how she breaks the stereotype for rock music fans. Their relationship was innocent and cute (which I really like) but wasn't really my focus when it came to the book, I wasn't as concerned with it as the other story lines.

The ending was sweet and wrapped the book up well, but I can't help but think that while it is a good ending it was a little bit convenient and could all easily been avoided, however the author probably said something concerning that, I just didn't catch it.

I enjoyed Summer Of Sharona quite a bit, however it wasn't really a book that really screamed brilliant at me. It was a pleasure to read but not something I'll likely look back too, this particular book wasn't especially memorable, though I may look into reading any future books of Brian Humek.