{Reader's Ramblings #1} Someone's Been Distracted Lately

Monday, July 27, 2015
Yep, that some one is definitely me. I'm sorry but a review will not be going up today. I'm moving and school is starting back up so my posting schedule will most likely have some readjustments. So I though I might just do a Life Update.

So yah about a week or two ago I watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 for the first time. I know I'm like TWO years late but let me explain. I watched the first one in like 2011 or something, and it was a good movie, I liked it. Watched it, liked it, kind of forgot it. So when the sequel came out last year, I didn't exactly rush to the movie theaters, but now I totally regret that decision. The only reason I actually ended up watch this movie was cause my local movie theater was having one of those one dollar ticket things and I was bored. Lets just say I fell face first in love with the How To Train Your Dragon Franchise. If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter you have probably already know.

My excuse for not having a review today is technically I came home that day and er *cough cough* forgot to sleep. All the way till like 5 am, and what did I do that night? I um.... Re-watched the first How To Train Your Dragon and then re-watched the second one again for the second time that day...

Then, the next day I discover the TV show Dragons also known as Dreamworks Dragons, and lets just say I kind of watched all the seasons including Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk and Race To The Edge. And now I'm having typical fangirl crisis where the next season of Dragons still hasn't been announced, and the third movie in the HTTYD trilogy comes out like 3 years from now...

Finally I managed to get all that fangirl poison out of my bloodstream. Time to talk blog, if you haven't noticed my blog just got a major face lift thanks to XOMISSE, her blog literally saved my butt so many time. Lately I've been doing a lot of fiddling with with my navigation bar. I just added an archive page and finally finished my about me page.

Also I promise Lets Talk Genres is coming very soon I just have a lot to push through. I am also trying to squeeze in time to write White As Snow my book, so I have a pretty busy schedule. I'm also thinking about doing a review on How To Train Your Dragon 2 or just give my thoughts. Aww who knows. Till next time.