{Reader's Ramblings #2} Change in Posting Schedule + My Thoughts on Fanfiction

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Argh sorry guys not review today either, so today I'm announcing my new schedule to accommodate the rapidly approaching start of the new school year. So as of now a review will be posted each Monday, now that doesn't mean I might not stick in some posts randomly but that's the basic schedule. Another reason for this change is I'm also trying to focus more on my book, I'm aiming to have it done before the end of 2016.

Okay, got all that technical stuff out of the way, I have been doing a lot of reading lately.... just not the right kind. I've been reading a whole ton of Fanfiction. Like I've finished at least three fanfictions with 40-60 chapters in the last four days alone and that's not even considering the billons of one shots and stories I've just started. So I'm gonna talk about fanfiction, because honestly that's whats in my head.

Fanfiction for me is scary, if you scroll through my latest tweets uh you kind of get the picture. So basically I just read a fanfiction that kind of ruined a bit of HTTYD for me. I have to be very cautious with fanfiction, out of the six ones I've read for  How To Train Your Dragon two if them have turned out bad, but oddly enough every single fanfic I've read for The Lunar Chronicles has been fabulous so don't get that. Anyway, now fanfiction kind of scares me a little, which is really odd now that I finally acknowledge it. Oh well so thats been my life in the last few days. Expect to get more life updates, and I promise once again you will be getting lets talk genres very soon.

NOTE: I have made a few recent changes to my blog, I recently noticed that the email subscription box hasn't been working, that's been fixed! Also I have removed a lot from my blogs side bar, I want loading to be quicker and easier and a lot of that was basically clutter and not needed. I also said good bye to the what am I reading section, I found that part to not be very useful and it didn't line up right with my side bar so I decided to ditch that. The countdown to release of Winter by Marissa Meyer also had to go, my main problem was the POWR gadget just wasn't working right so that went out the window too. I am planning to post my review of Ghostboy Chameleon, and the Duke of Graffiti next Monday.