Book Review/Booktalk: The Heir By Kiera Cass

Monday, June 1, 2015
The Heir by Kiera Cass Review

OH MY GOD.... That is all I have to say....

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Published by HarperTeen (May 5, 2015)
Pages: 368
Source: Library 

Kiera Cass's #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series has enchanted readers from the very first page. In this fourth romantic novel, follow Illéa's royal family into a whole new Selection—and find out what happens after happily ever after.

Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won Prince Maxon's heart. Now the time has come for Princess Eadlyn to hold a Selection of her own. Eadlyn doesn't expect her Selection to be anything like her parents' fairy-tale love story...but as the competition begins, she may discover that finding her own happily ever after isn't as impossible as she's always thought.

A new generation of swoon worthy characters and captivating romance awaits in the fourth book of the Selection series!



Favorite  Quote

"I'm not sure if fate or destiny is real. But I can tell you that sometimes the very thing you've been hoping for will walk through the door, determined to fend you off. And still, somehow, you will find that you are enough."

Review - This book was really good, though it fell a little short. In my opinion The Heir was to much drama, it was just thing after thing after thing, like it was all fluff no structure. One reason may be the fact that some of the characters are far from my favorite. *cough cough* It was nice to see America and Maxon as a grown up married couple. Seeing them through Eadlyn's eye's is very interesting. In this book we also got a better look into the political reforms that have occurred in Illea and the daily life of a Queen/Princess.  I still really loved this book (even though I just spent about five sentences ranting about it) but I will say I still like America's trilogy a lot more. But who knows maybe the next book will change my opinion.

Booktalk - Okay, time to blow off some steam, lets start from the beginning. At first I wasn't happy when Maxon asked Eadlyn to have a selection to divert the attention of the public away from the rioting. Well, I'll say as the book continued this stopped bothering me because a whole new problem to center stage, spotlights and all. Eadlyn, is a complete BRAT. She's selfish, vain, and really mean to Kile and Josie. And most of all, self centered.

See, I guess I was expected someone more like America, but I guess when you grow up in a palace what do you really expect. So... the Tiaras *groans* really... Okay, I admit Josie is kind of annoying. BUT, I didn't see her enough to decide whether I like her enough.

The entire book Eadlyn just dismissed her as a nuisance and ignored her, plus we are reading from Eadlyn's point of view so the book is definitely biased, I am hoping to get to know her better in future books.

Okay now to the part everyone is waiting for... The Selected Men. I am team Kile for the win, their relationship is adorable (if you can even call it that) but still the affection is definitely there. Though I an rooting some other guys, Henri is so cute and adorable. Especially, when after they kissed he was worried Eadlyn was mad a him, also the fact that he bakes is unbeatable. (no pun intended) Another selected man I like is Hale, he's kind considerate and can make clothes. He would be my third choice. Fox is also nice but he hasn't gained a favorite yet...

Okay lets talk about Eric or Eikko, so their relationship is cute and I must admit that it would be interesting to see her end up with someone who isn't part of the selection. At this point I'm really confused about Eadlyn's feelings, because unlike Maxon who really only love one person truly (he kind of liked Kriss but she was a second choice) Eadlyn's heart is all over the place, so it's still really hard to tell. However, I can tell one thing already, Ean is only here for power and I hate him.

It's fun to see May, Marlee and Lucy, I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of the previously selected girls. I wanted to see Elise so bad, and while reading this book I started to wish that Celeste had lived, I mean she was one of my favorite characters after she became more friendly.

The part about the Women's Room being renamed The Newsome Library was really sweet, but still this book really brought the pain of losing her back.

Now Burke, He got kicked out for starting a fight over asparagus? I love how Maxon became the big bad father. LOL. I like how Kiera Cass brings to light the difference between a crowd of 35 boys and 35 girls all fighting for the same thing. It's also nice to see the selection through the eye's of the chooser not one of the selected.

I love when pieces of Maxon's selection are brought in like when Maxon wanted to kick out Fox but America says that she got into a fight and he didn't kick her out so they shouldn't kick Fox out either. It's just cute to hear about it.

I have one more thing to talk about before I leave, namely Ahren. I know all this drama is suppose to be exciting but, can what Eadlyn said drive him to elope with Camille. How did Eadlyn's words make him so insecure that Ahren felt the need to run off with Camille? All Eadlyn said was she the thought that Camille wasn't the one, while I agree that what Eadlyn said was mean but, I still believe he overreacted. Ahren ran away and married Camille he's like 18 or something. Yeah he's 18, people don't normally get married at 18. Then America has a fudging heart attack, like really? Oh, poor poor Maxon he was so sad.

"He clung to General Leger, holding on to him for dear life, his fingers digging into the back of his uniform. He was abashedly crying, and I had never hear such a painful sound. I hoped I would never again.

"I can't lose her. I don't know.... I don't...." pg 339

That part was probably the hardest to read in the whole series, I hope the next book it out soon.